Monday, October 05, 2009

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

How to Work a Crowd, by Alexis Bauer.

Read John MacArthur on How to Kill Sin in Your Life.

Read about the health care workers in NY willing to lose their jobs instead of receiving the mandated H1N1 flu shot. (HT Timothy)

Check out the CNN article on the 12 Most Annoying Types of Facebookers.

Read about What Baptists Can Learn from Calvin.

Check out TIME Magazine's Tools for Managing Your Online Life after Death.

Check out the 100 Best Blogs for Homeschooling Moms.

Read a nice explanation of why I reject the label "anabaptist" and distance accordingly.

Read Tom Ascol's Christian response to national blasphemy day.

Read Chris Brauns' assertion that You're not swearing if you use the word, "Submit."

Learn (Part 1 - Part 2) the characteristics of a good Sunday school teacher.

Check out this video clip where the congressman asks to see a constituents ID before allowing him to ask a question, though his party would prefer to not ID anyone to be able to vote.

Read the Wall Street Journal article about How Facebook Ruins Friendships.

Check out Stuff Christians Like #615: Making sure everyone online knows you're married.

Learn about the group Conservatives for Parents' Rights.

Read of 6 reasons pastors should blog.

Read Anselm's Cur Deus Homo (Why God Became Man) online for free.

Read James Galyon on Deaconesses in SBC Life.

Check out the audio from the Founders Conference Southwest on "The Foolishness of Preaching."

Check out Gunny & Executive Director of Founder Ministries Tom Ascol sporting their tricked out name tags at said conference.

Read John Piper on the Marks of a Spiritual Leader.

Read Carolyn Mahaney's piece entitled, "A Mother's Discipline Should Point Daughters to God's Truths."

Read Tim Challies' great piece on comparing (and contrasting) marital contentment with a husband and congregational contentment with the preacher. "But where my wife remains content with her husband, I see so many Christians who struggle to be content with their pastors."

Read about how much harder it is to be a Cowboys cheerleader than a Cowboys football player.

Check out Timmy Brister's reminder about continual repentance.

Read Timothy George's Christianity Today piece on John Calvin, the Comeback Kid.

Read Voddie Baucham's contrasting of the Hall of Fame acceptance speeches of Michael Jordan and David Robinson in his blog entry, "Be Like David ... Not Like Mike."

Read ESPN's Rick Reilly's similar thoughts: "Be Like Michael Jordan? No thanks." (HT Jade)

Check out "Some thoughts on the various misconceptions about Calvinism, Explained to those who still doubt the validity of its "Doctrines of Grace."

Read the Christianity Today piece on the "Mommy Wars," topics about which moms vehemently have opinions they share with one another.

Read a review of The Shack by Trevin Wax.

Read about the controversy in the NJ public school regarding accusations of partisan indoctrination wherein students were taught songs praising President Barak Hussein Obama. (HT Sean Crowe) (The video can be found here.)

Read Al Mohler's article on the abortion of Down's Syndrome babies, "Will Babies with Down's Syndrome Just Disappear?"

Check out 10 songs disowned by the people who made them famous. These are the songs they hope to never have to sing again.

Read Tony Felich's thoughts on the "Offense of the Cross."

Read the letter from FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III, sent to Scottish Minister Kenny MacAskill regarding the release of Lockerbie bomber Abdelbaset Ali al-Megrahi. (HT Jade)

Read the following Pyromaniacs article: Sometimes fellowship is better than a fight. Sometimes not.

Read a great interview of David Sitton, President of To Every Tribe Ministries.

Check out this video clip, describing the situation in which the woman was implanted with the wrong embryo! (HT Jade)

Read about a studying finding Homeschoolers Scoring "Well Above" Their Public School Peers.

Check out the Newsweek photo essay on Athletes Who Should Have Stayed Retired.

Read some thoughts on the Sissification of the Church.

Check out this homograph homophone venn diagram.

Read about Classical, Theistic and Spiritual Evolutionism.

Check out 13 ways to bless missionaries without paying for postage.

Read Al Mohler's thoughts on the Hidden Reality of Abortion -- Empowering Men.

Read John Piper's concise articulation of the "5 Points of Calvinism" or "TULIP."

Read Judith Reisman's explanation as to why many (self included) are not Roman Polanski fans, but only if you have a strong stomach.

Read the Newsweek piece that asks, "Do Facebook Friends Provide the Same Support as Those In Real Life?"
"Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously."
-G.K. Chesterton. (HT Jeff Wright)



At 05 October, 2009 22:30, Blogger Kyle said...

I'm glad this is back.

At 06 October, 2009 18:59, Anonymous Lance said...

She said, "You better watch yo step, or yo gonna get hurt yo sef. Someone's gonna tell you lies; cut you down to size."

Don't know why Petty's tired of that.

At 06 October, 2009 19:46, Blogger GUNNY said...

I feel ya, Lance. I just wanna say to Tom, "Don't do me like that. Don't do me like that."

Thanks, Kyle. It's good to know it's a helpful bit.

At 23 October, 2009 02:50, Anonymous Zach Doty said...

Thanks Gunny! Some great stuff here!

Thanks for linking to my article on Classical, Theistic and Spiritual Evolutionism, too :) I'm glad to know my posts are being shared!

At 23 October, 2009 15:49, Blogger GUNNY said...

Thanks, Zach.

I can't recall how I came across it, but when I did I thought to myself, "Self, this is good bull. I think others might be interested as well."

I used to put out a weekly list, but now my Mondays offering is more infrequent, though I think I'll have another serving on 10/26, Deo volente.


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