Monday, August 10, 2009

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Apparently, even the Brits "appreciate" the one-upper.

Check out these 15 impressive 3D garage door covers.

Check out these great pictures of Hiroshima 64 years ago (including some before & after shots and some neat panoramic images).

Read about the mayor of Hiroshima calling for total abolition of nuclear weapons in the coming decade.

Read Tony Felich's thoughts on health idolatry.

Learn how Netflix gets the movies to customers so quickly.

Check out these top tech roller coasters.

Read about the benefits of starting Sunday school on time.

Read about elephants being among the few animals to pass the self-awareness test.

Read (Part 1 - Part 2) Chris Brauns' answer to the question, "Can someone be a believer yet not be committed to a local church?"

Read about the parents having a public brawl over which gang their TODDLER should join.

Read this sobering health article, "How to Get Cancer: Move to the United States."

Check out the 14,641 Gatorade bottles used to make a huge Michael Jordan mosaic.

Read about the Marines banning Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace.

Check out this church sign appealing to the Facebook savy with the ultimate Friend Request.

Read about the naked homeowner who gave a burglar a broken jaw with a baseball bat to send him on his merry way.

Read about the interesting experiences of a Korean immigrant named "John Doe."

Scope out this video clip tribute to recently deceased director John Hughes, chronicling his use of music to propel the plot and subsequent music careers.

Read about 10 reasons director John Hughes will be missed.

Read James Galyon's post on George Whitefield and the New Birth (i.e., regeneration).

Check out this CNN video story about the enforcing of Burger King's "No shirt, no shoes, no service" policy ... on a 6 month old baby.

Read, if you dare, about the 10 year old little girl in Yemen who demanded a divorce after being repeatedly raped and beaten by her husband. (HT Jade) Sadly, she's not that rare as a child bride.

Read about the rape of a girl in Arizona shedding light on the problem of rape in Liberia.

Check out this great dog costume, dog being eaten by alligator.

Read about 10 things that can (and will) spoil your vacation.

Read Randy Alcorn's thoughts on taking charge of the TV. (HT Joshua Harris)

Read 6 reasons your house won't sell.

Read about Brazil's water conservation strategy, encouraging urination in the shower.

Read about Cuba's upcoming toilet paper shortage.

Read about how coffee may actually be a healthy drink choice.

Read this great Onion piece on how Lance Armstrong inspires thousands to come in 3rd to cancer.

Read about 10 Little-Known Credit Card Perks.

Check out why food is more than about nutrition.

Read about the best & worst places to drive. Dallas scored a silver medal in an infamous category.

Read about Kindle users suing Amazon for unexpectedly deleting George Orwell's 1984 due to copyright issues.

Read Delia Lloyd's article, "When Health Care Rationing Fails: The British and Bad Teeth."

Read about men who do housework being more desirable marriage partners.

Read about Florida inmates who make and sell their own hot sauce.

Read about an obese Texas inmate who got in trouble for hiding a gun in his fat rolls.

Check out Kids' Greek, a site dedicated to helping children learn New Testament Greek.

Read about how they get stripes in toothpaste.

Find out how much booze it will take to kill you, based on your own personal body weight and drink preferences.

Read an update on the controversy regarding the search for President Obama's birth certificate.

Read about the man who extracted a rattlesnake from his car engine ... with chop sticks. Chris Cote' needs to master this skill.

Read about the 100 rules for would-be astronauts in China.

Read about the beheading of 3 pastors who would not switch their faith to Islam.

Read about the mouse who made a nest of $20 bills inside an ATM.

Read about plans in the works to make a movie of Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Check out the greatest NFL players who never won a superbowl.

Read about the benefits of teaching Sunday school.

Check out 15 historic presidential campaign moments, including video clips.

Read about the potency of ridicule as a weapon.

Read about the Globe cover story that Obama's birth certificate is fake, stating he may actually have been born in Canada. G'Day, mate!

Read about the Ohio family that visited 52 zoos in 52 weeks.

Read about public officials (e.g., Nancy Pelosi) living luxuriously at taxpayer expense.

Read about the "Nurse of the Year" who turned out to be only posing as a nurse in a doctor's office.

Read Bryan Riley's (of the American Thinker) list of 10 whoppers told by Obamacare, and the facts to debunk them.

Read about the stance of one pro-life New Orleans congressman: "I'd rather save my soul than vote for the health care bill."

Learn about Adrian Warnock's love for Rick Warren.

Read Al Mohler's thoughts on "polyamory," loving more than one person.

Read John Piper's thoughts on dealing with the death of an unsaved loved one.
"The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of."
-Blaise Pascal



At 10 August, 2009 12:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great list....especially loved the one about men who do housework being more desirable marriage partners. Duh.....

At 11 August, 2009 14:48, Blogger Kyle said...

lol, "well it's not exactly theology now is it?"

I'd add that.

At 13 August, 2009 00:54, Blogger GUNNY said...

Kyle! Well done, sir.

Careful. Not a philosopher. I'm a theologian. Big difference. BIG DIFFERENCE!

Yeah, I actually know a joke about this. What's the difference between a theologian and a philosopher? One's not exactly theology, the other is theology!

At 21 August, 2009 22:18, Blogger Jade said...

Looks like a debate over the "love" of Rick Warren is about to start at Dr. Galyon's blog .


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