Monday, August 03, 2009

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

This is an advert from Australia trying to motivate you to get a flu shot. It's a PRETTY EFFECTIVE video clip of slow motion sneezing.

Watch a slide show of these top 10 idiot-proof eco tips.

Scope out these creative pregnant belly photos.

Read John McWhorter's opinion of 3 personal pronoun options if you're not a fan of the singular use of "they," like me.

Read this Rutherford Institute article questioning the wisdom of "zero tolerance" school policies.

Buy a sweet Texas flag shirt.

Check out Mark Driscoll's recommended reading on the topics of Creation, Evolution, and Science.

Read about teams of researchers who blame childrens films for "Perpetuating Heteronormativity."

Read these Words of Wisdom to a Wannabe Pastor's Wife.

Read these 7 surprising facts and myths about microwave ovens.

Read a book review of Chris Brauns' book, Unpacking Forgiveness, by Pyromaniac's Dan Phillips.

Read about why bottled water has an expiration date.

Buy a reasonably priced sleep number bed for your pet. (HT Ashley)

Read a post wondering how Christians should relate to media.

Read this Christianity Today article, The Case for Early Marriage, by Mark Regnerus. (HT Chris Brauns)

Read this 1999 NEA selection of top 100 books for children.

Read about 5 cases of reluctant television fame.

Read this Newsweek piece where Anne Underwood explores the secret to quality sleep.

Check out this social media Venn diagram.

Read some VERY interesting thoughts from Pope/Saint Pius X. For example ...
32 Q. What should a Christian do who has been given a Bible by a Protestant or by an agent of the Protestants?
A. A Christian to whom a Bible has been offered by a Protestant or an agent of the Protestants should reject it with disgust, because it is forbidden by the Church. If it was accepted by inadvertence, it must be burnt as soon as possible or handed in to the Parish Priest.

Read "Reversing the Curse: The Holy Spirit’s Work in Bringing Sinners to Faith in Christ," an excerpt of John Owen's Holy Spirit.

Read Dr. Goodword's language blog.

Read Dr. R. Scott Clark's advice on the writing of essays.

Buy this point of view drinkware from

Read Stuff Christians Like #593, being a Christian culture snob.

Listen to "Three Little Words," a great spoof of Meatloaf's music by Da Vinci's Notebook on (HT Ron)

Read Jay the Bennett's thoughts on Sinclair Ferguson's book, The Pundit's Folly: Chronicles of an Empty Life, an exposition of Ecclesiastes.

Read about Obama's regret over comments regarding police action.

Read Dr. Albert Mohler on the false apology syndrome.

Read Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson's thoughts on his fellow African-Americans being racist in seeing Michael Jackson as a hero. (HT Tony Felich)

Read about 10 famous homeschooled people.

Read about Kay Bailey Hutchison's campaign for governor website getting her in trouble for having "rick perry gay" in the source code.

Read about a grandfather and pregnant mother tasered by police at a child's backyard baptism party.
"Read not to contradict and confute, nor to find talk and discourse, but to weigh and consider."
-Sir Francis Bacon



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