Monday, July 06, 2009

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

I don't eat boiled eggs, but if I did, this is how I would quickly peel them.

Read Bob Kauflin's thoughts on the question, "Should July 4th affect our Sunday planning?"

Check out this neat visual illusion that helps understand the effectiveness of the curve ball. (HT Phil Johnson)

Read about the Houston suburb pastor who was hospitalized after being tazered by a police officer. Really, this will be an interesting case to follow.

Read 5 myths about America's origins.

Read about the strange ingredients in fireworks.

Read Tom Ascol's thoughts on the 2009 SBC annual meeting.

Read about the warrant out for the arrest of a Killeen mother ... because she hasn't returned a library book.

Read about the man who allegedly sprayed his wife with the water hose for smoking.

Check out this inspiring story of 3 brothers serving in Afghanistan. (HT Jade)

Check out these great National Geographic photos of the Statue of Liberty, rare views inside and out.

Read about the woman who was dead in her home for 5 years before discovered.

Read about the young woman who was hit by a train, while she was laying on the tracks to clear her mind.

Check out Keith Mathison's list of the top 5 commentaries on every book of the Bible.

Learn about the stunning new technology that will allow parents to hold a life size model of their unborn child in their hand.

Check out these 4 simple tips for decluttering your home.

Read (Part 1 - Part 2) Chuck Swindoll's "Stuff I've Learned" after nearly 50 years in ministry.

You've got to watch this FoxNews video clip. Among other things @2:19 Bill Clinton identifies himself as a Calvinist! (HT Tom Ascol)

Read about an Oregon man's wallet being returned ... after 63 years.

Read about Helen Thomas hitting the White House for a lack of transparency.

Read about the woman stealing from ladies' purses while they are kneeling in worship.

Check out some intriguing pairs and trios who died on the same day, in addition, of course, to Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett.

Learn about the pet python who strangled the family's 2 year old daughter. Am I the only one who thinks it's whacked to have a snake for a pet?

Read John F. MacArthur's sermon entitled, "Can God Bless America?"

Read about the McDonald's drive-thru employee accused of spitting on a police officer's Egg McMuffin.

Check out 11 literary references people make without realizing it.

Read about Alaska's Rat Island finally being free of rats after 229 years.

Learn about 7 medical myths which are widely believed.

Read about the Bronx teen who awoke about 10AM Sunday morning to find a boa constrictor. I think that would motivate me to get to church.

Read about 2 California elementary schools having to extend their school year until July 31st, due to a clerical error. Unbelievable! "A mistake in the length of state-permitted short days means students at two elementary schools must stay in school till July 31, or the district will lose $7 million in state funds."

Read Chris Braun's post about the "problem" of Esther.

Read about the government of Venezuela banning Coke Zero, citing unspecified health dangers.

Read Al Mohler's thoughts on the Gov. Sanford adultery.

Check out this picture of what 1960s folks would have thought of Twittering.

Read about the phenomenon of being self-conscious during worship.

Read about a parking space in Boston selling for $300,000.

Read an egalitarian's perception of the link between Calvinism & complementarianism.

Read about hard financial times in Britain leading to fewer divorces.

Find out how many sermons one must preach before he can preach well.

Read about a "Good Samaritan" mugged while helping a motorist.

Read about 10 stories behind Dr. Seuss books.

Read about the prosecutor wanting to ban fast food toys.

Check out the name tag I'd like to wear to my upcoming high school reunion.

Check out some video clips on of what we can gain from Calvin today.

Read about a daughter who broke her mom's legs while learning to drive.

Read (Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3) Tom Ascol's Long Journey in Church Discipline.

Read about the Washington judge deciding a 6AM blaring car horn is not protected free speech.

Check out Matt Waymeyer's 9 Hindrances to Fruitful Intercessory Prayer.

Read about QB Steve McNair's death being ruled a homicide.

Read 7 keys to creating a great list by Joshua Harris.

Read about a Missouri family's Christmas card photo surprisingly being used in advertising campaigns in the Czech Republic.

Read Randy Alcorn's alarming post about birth control pills potentially causing abortions.

Read about the problem of "groping" on Tokyo trains leading to requests for men only & women only train cars.

Check out these free training materials for Sunday school teachers.

Check out the 11 people every youth group "needs."

Read William Mounce's thoughts on whether or not Jesus was rude to his mother, Mary, in John 2:4.

Read some insightful words from D.A. Carson on worshiping worship.
"We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies."
– Martin Luther King, Jr.



At 08 July, 2009 11:18, Blogger Matt said...

I love the curveball illusion. So, is the study claiming that curveballs don't really curve?

At 08 July, 2009 16:15, Blogger Kyle said...

man there are so many interesting articles on this list.

At 08 July, 2009 16:54, Blogger GUNNY said...

Kyle, I know! This may be one of the best of all time, very action packed collection.

Matt, I'm not exactly sure, but a curve ball actually breaks down, not left to right (like a slider), so I think they're saying that the break with the visual effect gives the appearance it's also moving laterally.


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