Monday, June 15, 2009

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Without notice, I couldn't join in on the festivities.

Read about the shenanigans in the Los Angeles after the Mighty Lakers won their 15th championship, giving Phil Jackson his record 10th championship as a coach. (cf. FoxNews on the subject)

Read Daniel Hamermesh's thoughts on what G.P.S. can do for your marriage.

Get Johnny Mac's The Jesus You Can't Ignore for FREE.

Read about the stir caused when Playboy writer Guy Cimbalo shared the top 10 Republican women he’d like to rape. (This is misogyny run amuck at a minimum, but be careful clicking on some of the links as I recommend more reading about the filth than the filth itself, even though the actual article was pulled.)

Read about the Maryland judge ruling in favor of the pro-life advocates who were shackled and strip searched by the police.

Read why Russell Moore has the congregation stand when reading Scripture.

Read Barack Hussein Obama's proclamation of June as "Gay, Lesbian, BiSexual, and Transgender Pride" month. (I meant to get this edition out last Monday, but it's still a "worthwhile" read, albeit not as timely.)

Read about Chris Brauns' experiment of asking some bloggers where they would take him to dinner in their respective towns and what two Bible characters would tag along.

Read Timmy Brister's thoughts on living with regrets.

Check out this list of popular film misquotes, complete with audio.

Check out Lance Ward's 15 unforgettable books.

Read about continuing efforts for Obama's disputed birth certificate to be found/produced, validating his eligibility to be president.

Read 22 ridiculous things I believed as a child, by Abraham Piper.

Read about the gross science of a cough and a sneeze.

Read about ESPN's all-time rankings of NBA franchises. Even before last night's game, they got #1 right.

Read this ABC News piece about the emerging nature of Obama's Muslim roots. (There's been an awful lot of distancing from his Christianity while finding common ground with Muslim nations.)

Read a piece that questions whether or not steroids are really all that bad on the body, citing longtime users as examples.

Read about a brave lad getting stabbed after standing up to a bully.

Read about Bill Maher's criticism of Obama, saying he's on television too much and should be more like George Bush. (video clip included)

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At 15 June, 2009 19:40, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to see you brought this back! :D

At 17 June, 2009 11:30, Blogger Timothy said...

It really would have been great to see Gunny in his Lakers shirt, dancing to the Hammer.

At 27 June, 2009 13:12, Blogger Jade said...

Gunny, can you seriously do those moves like that in that video?! I seriously can't imagine.... hahaha...


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