Monday, August 11, 2008

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

As a newly acclimated Facebook-er, I couldn't resist sharing this diddy. (HT Erik Kowalker)

Read the running commentary from Michael McKinley's time spent watching TBN. As a public service, he watches TBN so we don't have to.

Read about the controversy over an Indian surrogate baby as her Japanese parents are divorcing.

Check out the new slooge available at (HT Tim Challies) If anyone wanted to throw some love my way, I'm partial to the Whitefield, Luther, and Huss.

Read an explanation of why the "I" is capitalized (unique to English) by Caroline Winter. (HT Tim Challies)

Read Justin Taylor's thoughts on what to do when your favorite theologians disagree.

Read why lead singers should never go solo.

Read 5 hermeneutics fallacies in much children's curricula by John Walton. (HT Justin Taylor)

Read Michael Silver's argument that Favre is to blame for the nasty divorce from the Packers.

Read the 95 Theses Against Dispensationalism. (HT Brent Thomas)

Read about Americans experiencing Obama overload, feeling they've heard too much about him lately.

Read about the top 15 albums by women. (Sorry, Oilcan, Bette Midler didn't make the list.)

Read about Lindsay Lohan's rumored plans to marry ... female DJ Samantha Rosen.

Read about Lindsay Lohan's father's assertions that he will not walk her down the aisle because of his Christian faith.

Read about the trend of outlawing popcorn in British cinemas.

Read as Anthony Bradley asks, "Why do men hide salaries from each other?"

Read about Disney executives squashing rumors that next season is Miley Cyrus' last season for Hannah Montana, even though those rumors were started by Miley Cyrus.

Read about the new code of conduct for fans at NFL games.

Check out the 10 Manliest Superheroes.

Check out the 9 Unmanliest Superheroes.

Read about 6 Television Firsts (from Canned Laughter to Dropping the “D” Word).

Read Mark Driscoll's thoughts on his conversation with Wayne Grudem.

Read about the Top 10 (Summer) Olympics Moments. (HT Ray Fowler)

Learn why Tony Felich is leery of (contemporary) Olympic success.

Read about the trail of Cheetohs giving away the burglars of a vending machine.

Scope out a copy of the notes (pdf) Mark Dever takes into the pulpit as part of Joshua Harris' preaching notes series. If you'd like you can listen to the sermon here.

Read about Angela Tuttle being elected constable by one vote, her own.

Read Dan Edelen's thoughts on That Nutty Small Group Dialectic.

Read about 2 babies born on 08-08-08 at 8:08am who weighted 8lbs 8oz.

Check out some great resources for leading in the home compiled by Colin Adams.

Read about the man who found cocaine in the used police car he purchased.

Read S. M. Hutchens make a case that egalitarianism is "anthropological heresy." (HT Denny Burk)

Read about the drunk driver who stopped at a police deputy's house at 4AM to ask for directions.

Read about Chris Brauns' experience of a deathbed scene where a spouse of 40+ years was departing.

Read about 7,000 police cases being reopened due to DNA error.

Purchase John Piper's new book, Spectacular Sins and Their Global Purpose in the Glory of Christ, for only $5.

Read about German policewomen getting "bullet-proof bras."

Read about the water boarding attraction at the amusement park. This you gotta check out. "It don't Gitmo better than this!"

Check out all the audio from Mark Driscoll's recent UK tour.

Read about the woman attacked by a bear while gardening.

Read about a woman protecting herself against a lion with a machete.

Check out (pdf) the ESV Study Bible notes for the entire book of Jonah.

Read about a thief being hijacked of the truck he had stolen.

Read about postal worker laboring to have kilts approved as official uniform.

Watch 6 video clips of the Stephen Curtis Chapman family on Larry King Live talking about their tragic loss.

Read about the landlord ramming his Humer into the renter's house because they were behind on their rent.

Check out some old John Piper slooge recently posted on the Desiring God site.

Read about the Ohio woman who billed Michigan $16 for unexpected construction delays.

Read about the grandmother arrested for driving with a three-year old on the roof.

Read about Paris Hilton's hot political opinions of McCain and energy issues.

Read about the 71 year-old Cincinnati preacher convicted of road rage, including a handgun.

Read about the man who repeatedly called 911 when the slot machine "stole" his money.

Read about the man who called 911 because he sandwich had no sauce.

Comment of the Week:
"oh my. I just threw up in my mouth watching that video." (Reepicheep)
Listen to yesterday's sermon at Providence Church on Philippians 4:2-3, "Why Can't We All Just Get Along?"
"I'm frustrated by your apathy."
-Alanis Morissette, "What I Really Want"



At 11 August, 2008 17:15, Blogger Rev. said...

I'm definitely feeling the O-verload!

At 11 August, 2008 21:34, Blogger Jade said...

That video was soooo corny Gunny. :ob

At 12 August, 2008 14:07, Blogger samurai said...

Ok - that little "diddy" kind of freaked me out! LOL

thanks for sharing...


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