Monday, July 14, 2008

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

One of the most painful interviews I've ever seen. This interviewer exhibits all that's bad in the genre. (HT Justin Taylor)

Check out (pdf) a sneak peek at the Introduction to the Psalms from the ESV Study Bible.

Read about the new credit card machine that couples can rent for their wedding whereby guest can swipe their cards to contribute to matrimonial happiness.

Check out the Evangelical Outpost's most overrated/underrated movies by category.

Check out a response with other offerings for most overrated/underrated movies by category.

Read about the employee who thought she would be fired, so she fired a preemptive strike.

Read about founding member Heather Payne leaving Point of Grace to focus on being a mom.

Read about the man suing a Tennessee church because he was "Slain in the Spirit" and subsequently injured.

Check out the controversy over the New Yorker's new "terrorist" Obama cover. (HT Jade)

Read about Faith-Based Berenstain Bears Books to be published by Zonderkidz. (HT Ray Fowler)

Read about the man who earned a Guinness record by sitting in 39,250 seats in 48 hours at the Rose Bowl.

Read Ed Stetzer's thoughts on change in church. (e.g., how, when, why, etc.)

Get a free download of Jonathan Edwards' Religious Affections thanks to Tim Challies. Enter challies08 as the coupon code to get it free. You can also read it along with Challies and his blog readers.

Read about the desecrated Hitler wax figure being restored and returned to the Berlin Madame Tussauds.

Read as John MacArthur addresses the question, "If God is sovereign, is he responsible for evil?"

Read Rev's concerns with the movie "Facing the Giants" and the message it may send and the theology it may have bought into.

Read about the man who called the cops when his crack deal went bad.

Read Tom Ascol's thoughts on Racism, the Gospel, and Presidential Politics.

Read about one more industry trying to gain customers via gasoline giveaways, the brothel.

Read John Piper's perspective on why God doesn't always explain pain.

Read about the Colorado man who was borrowing books and DVDs from the library and then selling them.

Read John MacArthur on why we need local churches.

Read about those in Taiwan having to be taught how to use the potty.

Read Eric Redmond's attempt to answer the question, "How can any Christian African American vote for Obama?"

Watch a video clip of Ronald Reagan's use of humor.

Read some Ronald Reagan quotes.

Scope out one pastor's unique approach to getting a pastoral position, auctioning his family on eBay. (HT Tim Challies)

Read as Heather Koerner wonders if the "women & children first" men on the Titanic were heroes or sexist. (HT Tim Challies)

Read about the Russian woman who killed her drunk husband with a folding couch.

Read Brent Thomas' thoughts on one of the greatest challenges church plants, resentment from established churches wanting to protect their turf (i.e., turf wars). He's right, you know.

Read about a new mathematics PhD student at Oxford, he's from Hong Kong and 17.

Read 5 reasons one family is moving toward adoption.

Read Ed Stetzer's thoughts on age analysis of the SBC annual meetings.

Read as Mark Dever shares one of their secrets to great community, limiting small groups to members.

Read about felt needs and the miracles of Jesus, wondering if Jesus really met felt needs to draw a crowd.

Read about some of the myths of red and blue states.

Read John Piper's sermon on the importance of church membership.

Read about the tragedy in Gotham: No Yankees in the first & last Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium. (HT Jade)

Read John Piper's collection of contrasting thoughts on hell from Clark Pinnock & Dorothy Sayers.

Read about a tiny bee causing a helicopter crash.

Read Steve Camp's concerns over the phrase "Scream of the Damned," which has been popularized by Mahaney & Piper, to refer to Christ's words on the cross.

Read about how to work less and still impress.

Read about Jesse Jackson having to apologize for a comment he made about Barack Obama: "I want to cut his [testicles] off."

Comments of the Week:
"Anyway, the link to '30 Articles That Will Simplify Your Life', I think 30 sentences would have been better. I mean, if you are looking for simplicity in your life - it's usually because you are already overbooked and exhausted - so, who has time to read 30 ARTICLES?" (Kelly)

Listen to yesterday's sermon at Providence Church on Psalm 115:1, "Non Nobis Domine: Reflected Glory."
"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."
- Winston Churchill



At 15 July, 2008 11:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great list...AGAIN! :)

You may get to read about the woman (that would be ME) who died of a heart attack when she saw that her husband's cardiologist billed the insurance company $6,210.16 for a 20 minute visit to see him in the hospital. Can you believe that????

At 15 July, 2008 12:50, Blogger GUNNY said...

I've read of such thievery, but never known anyone who experienced it firsthand.

I've heard that 4-5 different "specialists" will pop in after a surgery or whatnot and say, "How are you feeling this morning?"

Then the bill will show a few thousand charged for that visit.

Sure the insurance eats much of it, but there's still that co-pay or percentage the customer pays.

Plus, don't you know the insurance companies are passing along the costs to the common man or woman?

Heinous disregard for Exodus 20:15!

At 15 July, 2008 21:13, Blogger Lance said...

That interview was so painful, I kept thinking it must have been a joke.

Was the interviewer serious?!!

At 15 July, 2008 22:19, Blogger GUNNY said...

Talk about trying to sensationalize someone's misfortune to get ratings.

That's the real McCoy, brother!


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