Monday, June 16, 2008

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

A video inspired by a comment from George...

Check out 50 Everyone Should Know How To Do. (HT Lance)

Check out the official 2008 Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting website, complete with video, resolutions, review articles, and archives of prior years.

Read Ed Stetzer's analysis of the Southern Baptist Convention's annual meeting last week.

Read the resolution (#6) dealing with regenerate church membership passed at the annual meeting.

Read Tom Ascol's account of how that resolution morphed into its final draft.

Read Tom Ascol's thoughts on corporate repentance.

Check out Steve Farrar's 7 Steps for Effective Fathering.

Check out Thabiti Anyabwile's description of his new book, What Is a Healthy Church Member? (including table of contents and endorsements by Johnny Mac & RC).

Read the 10 best excuses for coming to work late. (HT Tank)

Check out 25 Signs of a Healthy Church:
Part 1 - Spiritual Vitality
Part 2 - Personal Vitality
Part 3 - Relational Vitality
Part 4 - Missional Vitality

Read about the potential release of prisoner Susan Atkins (aka Charlie Manson follower "Sadie Mae Gluts") due to terminal illness at age 59. (HT Lance)

Learn about Paperback Swap, an online way for readers to share paperback books with each other for only the price of postage.

Read (pdf) Back to the Bible's 50 Reasons I Don't Read the Bible.

Read Tim Challies' 7 reasons to study church history.

about the Dutch study that found Friday the 13th to not be more "unlucky."

Read about about how the gender-based math gap is missing in some countries.

Read Girly Men: The Media's Attack on Masculinity by S. T. Karnick.

Read about the growing popularity of the surgery to restore the illusion of virginity due to the insistence of such for Muslim women.
(HT Jade)

Read Al Mohler on The End of History--The Moral Necessity of Eschatology.

Read 12 Fun Summer Activities for Fathers and Children by Jeff Large.

Read about former planet Pluto getting a new name.

Read about the rumors that President George W. Bush may convert to Roman Catholicism after leaving office, as Tony Blair did. (HT Tim Challies)

Read about the connection John Coleman proposes between Al Gore, Global Warming, and the absurd price of gasoline. (HT Tim Challies)

Read about the woman attending to her baby's cries finding a snake wrapped around her leg.

Read about the 100 push up challenge. (HT Brent Thomas)

Read about Egypt banning a 92 year old man from marrying a 17 year old.

Read John MacArthur's Tips for Self-Discipline.

Read about 5 Hindrances to Self-Control by Lydia Brownback.

Read the Time Magazine article concerning the epidemic of overweight American children.

Learn how to live with just 100 things.

Unlearn 60 Popular Pieces of False Knowledge.

Read surprising insights from the social sciences by Kevin Lewis, covering things such as bullying, choosing a double major, and a mystery in the bathtub.

Read what Ezra Klein has to say about the real significance of what's on our bookshelves.

Read about the man who legally changed his name to "In God We Trust." Is that the "royal we," dude?

Read as Michael Patton ponders the question, "Are All Sins Really Equal in God's Sight?"

Read about 2 Anglican priests involved in the 1st gay marriage in an Anglican church, their own. (HT Jared Nelson)

Read (pdf) David Dorsey's The Law of Moses and the Christian: A Compromise, an article in the Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society. (HT Justin Taylor)

Read (pdf) the Introduction to Revelation in the ESV Study Bible.

Read 3 reasons against the use of video in the church service by Michael McKinley.

Read Brent Thomas' appeal to Christian consumers.

Abraham Piper's provocative question, Would any part of the Bible seem wrong to you if you didn’t already know it was biblical?

Comment of the Week:
[regarding what to name our new Beagle puppy] "If he drops a lot of stuff on the carpet you can call him T.O." (Rev)
Listen to yesterday's sermon at Providence Church on Philippians 3:1-3, "Spiritual Protection."
"Any concept of grace that makes us feel more comfortable sinning is not biblical grace. God's grace never encourages us to live in sin, on the contrary, it empowers us to say no to sin and yes to truth."
- Randy Alcorn



At 17 June, 2008 19:48, Anonymous Bill Haynes said...

Gunny, I always enjoy your Monday lists. I usually find several very helpful. After reading yesterday's list and seeing the site with Wayne Grudem's Systematic theology I couldn't help but wonder if it was authorized or not. I just spoke with Wayne and it is NOT an authorized posting of his book. That is a major copyright violation. Just thought you would like to know.

Again, I really appreciate your blog, and especially on Mondays.


At 17 June, 2008 20:40, Blogger GUNNY said...


Copyright © 1994 by Wayne Grudem.

Appendix 6 and glossary copyright © 2000 by Wayne Grudem.

This book is published jointly by Inter-Varsity Press, 38 De Montfort Street, Leicester LE1

7GP, Great Britain, and by Zondervan Publishing House, 5300 Patterson Avenue S.E., Grand

Rapids, Michigan, USA.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means—electronic, mechanical, photocopy, recording, or any other—except for brief quotations in printed reviews, without the prior permission of the publisher.

I assume then that the posters did not get that prior permission of the publisher.

Not cool, on a variety of fronts. I already have 2 print copies, but having electronic access would have been sweet.

Pastor Haynes, please pass along my apologies to Dr. Grudem.

I have removed the link. Thanks as well for your kind words and help in policing the Internet.

At 17 June, 2008 20:46, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I was going to say that you were robbed on that comment of the week thing, Oilcan, but I think I found a nominee for next week's comment of the week. Wow. I'll post anonymous, I'm afraid I would have many violations.


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