Monday, May 19, 2008

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Finally, some positivity from the land of Sports, a memorable home run. I had seen the picture and heard about this, but the video slooge is good bull. (HT Lance)

Read the Detroit Free Press' preview of Game 6 tonight against the Stars. (HT Robert Wilonsky) Will Marty have to stop another 38 of 39 shots? Folks, we have a series.
"Marty Turco, more than any Dallas player, has inspired his team to rise from the near-dead and make these Western Conference finals a series. The entire Dallas roster knew that Turco hadn't won at Joe Louis Arena as a professional coming in here Saturday. So when he played 'Yes I Can' hockey, what choice did the Stars have but to do the same?"

Read about the newly discovered spider named after Neil Young. (HT Brent) I just hope his spider will remember, a southern man don't need it around anyhow.

Read this Exclusive: Texas Rangers Interviewing FLDS Minors Without Attorneys Present.

Read 5 things you should know about Protestant evangelicals.

Read about John Hagee apologizing for calling the Roman Catholic Church “The Great Whore.” (HT Brent)

Learn how to break down a door.

Read the results of a study finding How A Container Feels Can Affect Taste.

Read of Michelle K's 1st encounter with John Piper's preaching.

Read as Johnny Mac details God's Plan for the Gay Agenda, his response to the California Supreme Court ruling gay marriage a constitutional right.

Read as Jay the Bennett addresses the issue of cessationism vs. continuationism, including some slooge from Jonathan Edwards.

Learn How to Memorize Verbatim Text.

Read thoughts on whether or not the horror genre is redeemable.

Read about the origin of the "red-letter" Bibles.

Read Justin Taylor's thoughts on "only one way to God," being sure not to miss clip of RC Sproul's thoughts on the subject at the end.

Check out this blog, explaining a theological word of the day. (HT Tim Challies)

Read about how to Bimbo-Proof the Nursery: How to be sure your daughter doesn't turn out like Lindsay Lohan.

Read about the Australian fined for using the seatbelt to strap in his beer, instead of his 5 year old passenger.

Check out some free Sunday school training materials.

Read the thoughts of Jay the Bennett on Jesus' words "No one knows ... not even the Son of Man."

Check out Reality TV's Most Memorable Christians.

Read The Rich Drink Better Beer, Not More by Daniel Hamermesh.
"... most people roughly double their spending when their income doubles. But everything we buy consists of both a quantity dimension and a quality dimension."

Read about some interesting Harvard findings from studying babies, including origins of prejudice and abilities to perceive and respond.

Read the interesting story of Stan "the Man" Musial's 3000th hit with the Cardinals.

Check out this heinous story of a mom dressing her kid up like a Cub Scout to collect for a fictitious cause.

Beware of the toughest movie characters of all time.

Read Brent Thomas' Mission-Minded, Missional, Missionary, On Mission, Huh? Can’t We Just Be A Church?

Read about the 19 year old elected mayor of Muskogee, Oklahoma. First order of business needs to be cleaning up the men's restroom at the Shell station. Oh yeah, there's a story there.

Read Russell D. Moore's Should We Miss Our Church Graveyards?

Read about traffic derailed by 14 tons of spilled Oreo cookies. Yes, you guessed it; they were double-stuff.

Read John F. MacArthur, Jr. on True Objectivity.

Read as Joe Carter ponders How do you love a porn star?
"How do you befriend someone who relishes what you despise? Can you show someone love while keeping your distance?"

Read Ed Stetzer's thoughts on Contextualization, Fundamentalists, Modernists, the ABWE, and the Kingdom.

Read about the McKinney High School's yearbook being sabotaged by a disgruntled Lifetouch employee.
"Besides the head and body switching, some necks were stretched, one girl's arm was missing, and another girl's head was placed on what appeared to be a nude body, with the chest blurred."

Read as Hello Kitty is named Japan's Tourism Ambassador.

Comment of the Week:
"Excuse my ignorance, but this Canadian boy has never heard the term 'slooge.' Please fill me in." (Sean Crowe)
Listen to yesterday's sermon at Providence Church on Philippians 2:5-11, "Setting the Standard for Servanthood."
"Have you ever noticed … that people who go around saying 'I'm a perfectionist' never are, while people who actually are perfectionists never go around saying it? I have."
-Stephen J. Dubner



At 19 May, 2008 14:21, Blogger Michelle K said...

I heard that McKinney yearbook story on the radio this morning...that's crazy!!

They better not pull those shenanigans with our church directory. : )

At 19 May, 2008 16:09, Blogger Rev. said...

What?!? You're not going to show *the* picture?!?

They may not smoke marijuana in Muskogee, but they sure as heck have been inhaling something to miss the way they did.

Yes, I know the story from Muskogee. The new mayor definitely has his work cut out for him.

Stan the Man! GO CARDS!

Hey, how 'bout them Stars winning the last two and making the Wings quake in their skates a bit? Hope they pull even tonight and then take the series.

At 19 May, 2008 16:56, Blogger GUNNY said...


I'm definitely puttin' on the foil for tonight's game, brutha!

Incidentally, you've got a double whammy tonight, with the Spurs in a Game 7 as well.

I guess you'll have to TiVo wrestling and the Bachelorette to watch later. At least, I hope that's the pecking order.


Okay ... I will share *the* picture with those who request it, but via email. I don't want to desecrate my blog!

Is Stan the Man or what? He could have taken the day off and tried for the record back home, but no way, Jose. He came off the bench and cranked one out so they could win the game.

I'm sure the Cubs were just loving it.

"Two balls, two strikes. Stan waits. Now the stretch, from the belt, here's the pitch. Line ... there it is! Into left field! Hit No. 3,000. A run has scored. Musial around first, on his way to second with a double. Holy Cow, he came through!"

Good point, Michelle.

They could do some crazy things with our photos for that directory.

I was kind of hoping they would/could touch up mine to drop 30-40 pounds and shrink my fat neck, but now at least I have an excuse if I'm not happy with the finished product.

At 19 May, 2008 22:01, Blogger Lance said...

My mother just retired last month . . . from Lifetouch.

Perfect timing.

At 19 May, 2008 22:19, Blogger Jesus Girl said...

I'll see you in the finals!


Can I get an AMEN, Rev?

At 19 May, 2008 22:45, Blogger Sean Crowe said...

I am incredibly slooged to have been awarded the comment of the week(be careful not to take that usage out of context).

Thanks for the link to your post on the definition of slooge, although I must admit that I was very slooged after reading it (again, be careful not to take that out of context). I am undecided as to whether I like it, seeing as it is such a vague term. If I decide to adopt such a term (which I think is highly unlikely) and take it back to Canada with me (even more unlikely), I will be sure to let you know (Do you have the copyright on it or is it public domain?).

PS - Sorry about your sloogey Stars. I guess they really slooged it this time (I don't think you will have any problem concerning the context here).

At 20 May, 2008 00:07, Blogger GUNNY said...


Next we'll have to bring you up to speed on "good bull" versus "bad bull," as in the Stars were really playing sloogey tonight and so they lost, which is bad bull.

Still, had you told me before the playoffs that the Stars would have pushed the Wings to 4-2 in the Western Conference Finals, I would have said that was good bull.

Yet, coming back home with the momentum and giving such a sloogey performance in the first 2 periods ... bad bull of the highest order.

Spurs vs. the Mighty Lakers ...

It's only fitting and right to have to play the champs if you want a chance at the title. Of course, it's nice (a) having home court advantage and (b) having had a little rest going into Wednesday's game.

At 20 May, 2008 07:03, Blogger Jesus Girl said...

Sean said "PS - Sorry about your sloogey Stars. I guess they really slooged it this time."

I think Sean is down with the "slooge."
Good job using it in a sentence there, Sean.

I am not at all excited about having to play the Lakers for they do play a mightily good game against us.

At 20 May, 2008 07:06, Blogger Jesus Girl said...

jSean also said "I am undecided as to whether I like it, seeing as it is such a vague term. If I decide to adopt such a term (which I think is highly unlikely) and take it back to Canada with me (even more unlikely)"

never underestimate the contagiousness of the "slooge" otherwise you just might be increasing your own personal "waffle factor."

bad bull.

At 20 May, 2008 13:07, Blogger Rev. said...

GO SPURS GO! (Amen!) Should be an interesting series with the Lakers.

Sorry 'bout the Stars. I was hoping they would knot that series up and then take Game 7. Oh well!

P.S. (Will you e-mail the pic again?)


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