Monday, May 12, 2008

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Isn't this what most Mondays feel like? At least the morning commute?

Read How to Botch an Altar Call. I would probably retool as how to botch evangelism, but some interesting insights.

Read about the finding of a wallet stolen 35 years ago.

Read Owen Strachan's Things Christians Overlook: The Bible Has a Thesis.

Read the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals stance toward "Lordship Salvation." (HT Timothy)

Read the ACE's related thoughts on the relationship between faith and works.

Read about the legally blind man who bowled a perfect game at age 78.

Check out Rev's compilation of the church fathers on the subject of abortion and infanticide.

Check out 3 books to Reform the Black Church.

Read Tim Challies' thoughts on depravity as the great equalizer among humanity.

Read about the case where a man is accused of spiking his pregnant girlfriend's soft drink in order to induce abortion.
"Authorities are considering the crime an aggravated assault against both the girl and her unborn child."

Read about the impact of a weakened/weakening dollar on US missionaries abroad. (HT Tim Challies, HT Jake Hunt)

Check out C.J. Mahaney's words to fathers about modesty and their daughters. (HT Chris Brauns)

Read some thoughts from Pulpit Magazine on making wise decisions.

Read about the German officer who almost assassinated Hitler.

Read about the Mighty Lakers' Kobe Bryant winning the MVP for the first time.

Read Dr. Paige Patterson's insights and thoughts regarding the recent SBC figures indicating decline. (HT Mark L)

Read Stuff White People Like: Grammar.

Check out Ethnologue: An encyclopedic reference work cataloging all of the world’s 6,912 known living languages.

Read about the 1st white valedictorian of Moorehouse College, Joshua Packwood. (HT Antony J. Carter)

Read the Baptist Press report on the Evangelical Manifesto.

Read Jared Nelson's thoughts on the failing of the Evangelical Manifesto in its attempt "to identify and solidify a coherent Evangelical identity."

Check out Rev's assertion that the atonement is not limited, but it is particular (some great historical quotes included).

Read about Bicycling magazine's best and worst cities for cycling. N.B. Dallas made the list and you probably know which one.

Read 14 Ways to Affair Proof Your Marriage.

Read differing thoughts on whether or not there will be regret in heaven.

Read this thought-provoking Washington Post piece about the myth of the melting pot: One Nation, Indivisible: Is It History?

Read Vincent Bugliosi's accusations of President Bush: The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder. He alleges that the President intentionally misled the nation into a war with Iraq. This is some pretty harsh stuff from a man with a fair amount of credibility. WARNING: Conspiracy theorists abound in the comments section.

Read The Duties of Parents by J.C. Ryle.

Read about Tony LaRussa trying to get a "hit" changed back to an "error" in the official scoring of a game to save his pitcher 4 earned runs toward his ERA. I'll not give this its own post to avoid the accusations of "sports blog," but I've lamented for years the lax scoring that awards hits to bolster hitter's averages and not shame the fielders for shoddy defense. However, it's the pitchers who pay the price.

Check out Steve Camp's Christian Bill of Rights--Living Christlike in a pagan society.

Read the story of the Mac user who remotely took pictures of those who stole her laptop, leading to their arrest and the recovery of much stolen property. (HT Joshua Harris)

Read Johnny Mac on why doctrine matters.

Read Ed Stetzer on clergification, the potential for over-reliance on paid/professional clergy to accomplish the church's mission.

Read Lionel Woods' thoughts on passing over Samaria in being His witnesses as churches fled to the suburbs.

Read of Brent's dissatisfaction with the John 3:16 conference, particularly the "implicit ad hominem nature of the conference itself," since Calvinists actually do believe John 3:16.

Check out Reality TV's Most Memorable Christians.

Read The Truth about Oil by Vasko Kohlmayer. Perhaps Doomsday is not as imminent as previously perceived. (HT Tim Challies)

Read Don't Waste Your Summer: 9 Resolutions. (HT Tim Challies)

Read Anthony Bradley's thoughts on introverts vs. extroverts and missional activity.

Read about the Connecticut boy who finally took off his Brett Favre jersey ... after 4 years.
"Witthoft conceded his son was starting to become more concerned about his appearance after the jersey barely came down to his belt line."

Check out some answers from the Gospel Coalition to the question, "What is the most crying need of the church in America today?" Oddly enough, I was the only one to suggest the real answer: More Cowbell.

Read about the potential California law that would outlaw driving with your pet on your lap. How can this not already be a law?!

Comment of the Week:
"I thought Jesus was returning in '88 cause that was 40 years after the birth of the nation of Israel - a generation. Isn't He 20 years late? My charts are all messed up now!" (Rev)
Listen to yesterday's sermon at Providence Church on Philippians 2:1-4, "Looking Out for #2 First."
"Those who flee temptation generally leave a forwarding address."
-Lane Olinghouse



At 12 May, 2008 15:09, Blogger Rev. said...

I must be on a roll...2 links and quote of the week. Sweet!

BTW, I caught the "face slap" over at Ivester's and watched it quite a few times. That twisted part of me enjoyed watching that dude permitting himself to get the slooge slapped out of him. Love the slo-mo!

Errors should count as errors and hits should count as hits. GO CARDS!

At 12 May, 2008 15:43, Blogger GUNNY said...

I think we could call that the Monday hat-trick!

Let's hope the Stars can capture that momentum and put it to good use tonight against the Red Wings.

Amen on errors and hits. That's really been bugging me the past few years. With as liberal as the standard is, the Cardinals of the 80s would have gone a whole season without giving up a single error. Likewise, you could probably add 20 percentage points to everyone's batting average.

At 12 May, 2008 20:15, Anonymous george said...

Are people still freakin' talking about the Lordship thing? A semantical war that only led people to confusion; that is so 1992 when Johnny Mac's book against Zane Hodges and vice versa came out.

At 12 May, 2008 23:11, Blogger Matthew Bradley said...

Isn't it amazing how the cow bell joke just never gets old? I'm laying here in bed trying to be quiet, but I laughed out loud despite myself. Another nice Monday post, Gunny.

At 13 May, 2008 07:10, Blogger Rev. said...

Dude, the Stars are getting crushed. Think you'll need to switch your pic soon. I'm thinking, "Cardinals jersey." ;)

At 13 May, 2008 15:30, Blogger GUNNY said...


I'm thinking Cowbell is one of those timeless bits that will be appreciated for generations to come, even long after Will Ferrell is in the nursing home.

I remember the first time I got the Best of ... SNL DVD. I watched that skit about 93 times in a row and never got tired of it.


As long as there are free lovers out there espousing the "Carnival Christian" theory, this will continue to be an issue.

Personally, I think the waters got muddied to the point where the issue of the indissoluble link between justification and sanctification was lost in the discussion.


After that short-handed goal was given up, I knew the season was over.

Cardinals jersey, eh? Not this one?


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