Monday, May 05, 2008

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

This is insightful and stirring, Wintley Phipps dealing with the "black notes" on the piano and hymnody, particularly the negro spiritual. (HT Steve Camp)

Check out this wacky story of the librarian who got fired for reporting a guy viewing child pornography on the library's public computers.

Read about the controversy caused by the recent TIME magazine cover.

Read Is hating ‘haters’ hateful? by Scott Lively.
"After awhile, I realized that the only way I could get them to stop calling me a homophobe was to start agreeing with them about everything."

Read about the lacrosse players disciplined for mooning as part of a player's prom invitation. Dating sure has changed since I was a lad.

Read about Six worldviews you’re competing against and the biblical response, by Rick Warren.

Read Johnny Mac on Genesis 1 and Biblical Authority.

Read Johnny Mac on taking Genesis at face value.

Learn about the release of a new Keith Green CD/DVD of a live performance with extras.

Read about the 75 year old woman getting a phone call from the funeral home to arrange for her services ... while she's still alive. I can imagine the discussion. "I'm not dead yet." "Yes, you are, stop whining." "I'm getting better." "You'll be stone cold in a moment."

Check out a couple of 60 minutes video clips of Justice Antonin Scalia.

Read about the Iranians upset over destructive influence of Barbie and "Westoxication." I'm no Iranian, but I'm feeling them on this one.

Check out Joshua Harris on the need for unity among educational "camps," whether that be home, public, or private school.

Read about the woman pinned for days under her husband's dead body after his heart attack following mowing the lawn.

Read John Piper's reminder about how God motivates.

Read the responses to Joe Thorn's question: "If you could only get three periodicals (magazines, journals, etc.) regularly delivered to your home, which ones would they be?"

Read about the new cell phone problem, "Sexting," where teens (primarily girls) take and send sexually explicit photos (primarily to boys). (HT Anthony Bradley)

Check out Thabiti Anyabwile's compilation of the 9 Marks ejournal dealing with the topic of church unity.

Read Steve Camp's explanation of 2 views of regeneration: Synergism vs. Monergism. (HT Jim Kang) If you reading only one thing this Monday, this would be a good choice.

Check out this great time waster whereby it will turn your color photo into a "vintage" version. "Click browse, choose a photo and click the “upload” button underneath. It’s in Japanese but you can assume what the buttons mean." (HT Michelle)

Learn "proven" outreach strategies your church can implement in public schools this year.

Read about the 7-year old taken from his father's custody after the dad unwittingly gave his son a lemonade at the game ... a HARD lemonade, courtesy of Mike. (HT Tim Challies)

Read Steve Camp's criticism of "live blogging," seeing the term as false advertising.

Read Timothy's response to 20 Things That Christians Do in Church That Annoy Me.

Read about the trend of many companies having chaplains on staff. (HT Brent)

Check out 7 Children's Books That Need To Be Filmed Immediately. (HT Brent)

Read Brandon O'Brien's Christianity Today piece A Jesus for Real Men: What the new masculinity movement gets right and wrong.

Read some lighthearted notes on punctuation from Lewis Thomas (including the beloved semi-colon). (HT Tim Challies)

Check out Saddleback's Ten Commandments for Staff. (HT Ed Stetzer)

Learn from Al Mohler about plants' rights, that is in addition to animal and human.

Read about the Florida Senate not passing a bill (tie vote) that would have required ultrasounds prior to abortions.

Check out Ray Pritchard's recommendation to write a prayer for a friend. (HT Tim Challies)

Check out Matthew Bradley's picture of a potentially schizophrenic church in Oklahoma. I drove through Oklahoma this weekend, but missed this one somehow.

Check out 12 Spiritual Lessons from "Prince Caspian."

Read John Piper on what the Pharisees got right.

Read Brad Wheeler's God helps those who help themselves? (Roles & Responsibilities in the Process of Conversion) Make sure you don't succumb to Bootstrapitis.

Check out the Cornell system of note taking to increase recall & general usefulness. (HT Ray Fowler)

Check out a list compiled by The Rebelution of great resources on dealing with lust/sexual purity. (HT Benji)

Check out new audio and video of John Piper's 5-hour seminar exegetically unpacking the theology of the T.U.L.I.P. (aka 5 points of Calvinism).

Find out your peculiar aristocratic title. I am hence evermore ... His Excellency Gunny the Antediluvian of Waldenshire under Throcket. (HT Rev)

Check out this list of "offensive" blogs, including Conservative Reformed Mafia (of which I am a member) and 2 Worlds Collide, from our beloved Rev.

Read about Lance's experience and suggestions for dealing with telemarketers.

Read about the pipe smokers convention that will be smokeless due to Illinois ban.

Comment of the Week:

"Still the best argument against abortion, I believe, is that you are destroying someone who bears the Imago Dei. That is what gives us value. It's not just life, but life of one who is an image bearer. Therefore life is to be respected because of Who's image we bear. To destroy that image needlessly, or out of a sense of the hassle it will bring, is repugnant. We are made in His image, and this gives us, and all humanity, value." (Timothy)
Listen to yesterday's sermon at Providence Church on Revelation 19:11-21, "The Severity of Sin, the Wonder of Grace" by George "Horhay" Deines.
"Most modern calendars mar the sweet simplicity of our lives by reminding us that each day that passes is the anniversary of some perfectly uninteresting event."
-Oscar Wilde



At 05 May, 2008 15:51, Anonymous Anonymous said...

My husband works for a VERY large engineering firm (that was started by 2 Christian men). They now have Chaplains "on board" and it's proven to be an incredible thing.

Of course, this company also has as many bible studies going on during the week (at lunch) as some churches have on a Sunday!

At 05 May, 2008 16:35, Blogger GUNNY said...

In town Interstate Batteries is known along those lines for having Bible studies and chaplains.

I have to think it would be a breath of fresh air for many in contrast to some who REALLY have to work in some dark places.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

At 05 May, 2008 19:29, Blogger Reepicheep said...

The Phipps performance is awesome, however the story is pretty suspect. The tune we use for Amazing Grace wasn't picked by Newton. It was chosen quite a bit after Newton was dead.

Wikipedia notes (so it has to be true):
As with other hymns of this period, the words were sung to a number of tunes before and after they first became linked to the now familiar variant of the tune "New Britain" of which the composer is unknown and is in William Walker's shape-note tunebook Southern Harmony, 1835.[6]

Shape Note version from 1835."New Britain" first appears in a shape note hymnal from 1829 called Columbian Harmony. The melody is believed to be Scottish or Irish in origin; it is pentatonic and suggests a bagpipe tune; the hymn is frequently performed on bagpipes and has become associated with that instrument. This tune seems to have been firmly established as the 'standard' for this hymn after an arrangement of it appeared in a series of popular hymnbooks in the early twentieth century. (See also the versions in the Sacred Harp article.)

At 06 May, 2008 08:33, Blogger Timothy said...

That Whitney Phipps was powerful. I need to run that one. It's excellent.

His theology certainly is a lot better than Rev.Wright's.

At 06 May, 2008 12:09, Blogger samurai said...

To "His Excellency Gunny the Antediluvian of Waldenshire under Throcket";

I love your Monday posts, but it takes me all week to get through them (which I never successfully do), but this week I actually had the jump. I was able to read the "Nine Marks" blog and articles.


"Lord Samurai the Uncanny of Melbury Bumpton"

At 06 May, 2008 12:32, Blogger GUNNY said...

Some great slooge in that 9 Marks packet, Amen?

Thanks for the encouragement and I'm glad to offer up some good love for your Internet exploration.

If you ever see anything I miss, please don't hesitate to kick me in the teeth.


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