Monday, April 21, 2008

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

This will make his Monday! I'm no musician, but I think this guy is lip syncing.

Read Al Mohler's Are Children Threatening the Earth? The Great Liberal Death Wish Strikes Again.

Check out some thoughts on John McCain's curious faith.

For the J.I.C. file ... Read about papal etiquette: What to do if you meet the pope.

Read Avoid Enlisting ’Warm-Bodies’ as Sunday School Teachers!

Read that vitamins may shorten your life.

Read Evangelizing Your Children.
Part 1 - Common Pitfalls in Evangelizing Children
Part 2 - Foundational Keys to Evangelizing Children

Read about When to Baptize Your Kids.

Read about the Lost Art of Lingering, "Getting beyond superficial relationships in a fast-paced world."

Check out the discussion Jared Nelson started about lowering the drinking age in the US.

Check out Hershael York's post explaining why IMB missionaries have left the field. Contrary to what many are suggesting, it's not because they're unhappy with the organization: Exploding Myths and Accusations about IMB Missionary Attrition Rates.

Read about Rev's boy, Terrell Owens, and his potential Hall of Fame legacy: Owens' greatness always subject to debate.

Scope out a collection of thoughts on the Ben Stein "Expelled" movie.

Listen to the audio from the Together for the Gospel 2008 conference. Listen to 2006.

Read Tim Challies' summaries of the Together for the Gospel 2008 conference (Duncan, Dever, Thabiti Anyabwile, Sproul, Piper, Mohler, MacArthur, and Mahaney). Read my summary from 2006.

Watch a few video clips from the Together for the Gospel 2008 conference: Thabiti Anyabwile, Dever, and Duncan)

Check out more info about the ESV Study Bible, available October 2008.

Know the mechanics of the man hug.

Read about the Italian man convicted for staring at woman on train.

Read the latest Barna results on just how few Americans tithe.

Watch as Mitt Romney shares his top 10 reasons for leaving the presidential race.

Read about Christians and alcohol, the topic of conversation in the current Criswell College journal. (HT Justin Taylor)
Justin Taylor: As a friend wrote to me: "I think everyone would benefit from a little Latin: abusus usum non tollit ('Abuse does not take away proper use')." It's a biblical sentiment, and I would venture to say that if it's kept in mind when thinking through this issue, the basic conclusions are pretty simple and clear.
Read 25 ways to simplify life with your kids.

Read about Benjamin Franklin's pursuit of his 13 virtues.

Watch Chuck Swindoll's DTS chapel message on the discipline of self-control.

Read about how attending religious services is predictive of fidelity and how "other dimensions of religiousness such as praying and faith had no association." (cf. Heb 10:24-26)

Read about why Kobe won't [i.e., can't] win the MVP.

Check out Ken Jones' sermon on Multi-culturalism and Christ.

Check out 9 Characteristics of a Vibrant Men's Ministry.

Learn How to Disagree, a "disagreement hierarchy."

Read about Christians and Euthanasia, not to be confused with Youth in Asia.

Read Gary Brumley's How We Worship: 10 Principles Which Guide us on Sunday Morning.

Feel Logan's righteous indignation upon a conversation where a co-worker compared a woman to a car, that needed to be test-driven before owned.

It's good to be the king ... or at least the Prince. Read about Prince William landing a RAF helicopter in his girlfriend's yard.

Read about the importance of praying for those who preach, along with some practical pointers. (HT Justin Taylor)

Read about why taking notes during a message makes a difference even if you never look at them again. (HT Ray Fowler)

Comment of the Week:
9. The church is not a sub-culture to hide in for safe Christian alternatives. It's supposed to be a transformative subversive counter-culture in the midst of the mainstream. (etoc)
"A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for."
-Grace Murray Hopper

Listen to yesterday's sermon at Providence Church on Philippians 1:18b-26, "A Life or Death Situation."



At 21 April, 2008 13:42, Anonymous Lionel Woods said...

How about I dap the Pope up and where some Ecko shorts and my all white addidas? The question is

What Would Jesus Make Me Wear?

At 22 April, 2008 08:40, Blogger Matthew Bradley said...

Hey Gunny!

I've got some alternative insights on the question of WHEN to baptize your children.


At 22 April, 2008 08:52, Blogger GUNNY said...


Well, that wouldn't be much of a post, now would it? Where's the intrigue?

"Do you believe? Do you have a child? What are you waiting for?"

Things are simpler in your world!

At 23 April, 2008 09:52, Blogger Timothy said...

I was going to response similarly to Matthew's comment, but you two beat me to it. :)

At 23 April, 2008 11:25, Blogger samurai said...

I think I need to start taking Monday's off just to check out each article/link you post!

Looks like I have an idea for a B-day/Anniversary/Christmas present in the Study Bible.

At 23 April, 2008 12:26, Anonymous confused said...

Ok, on this dude's article on when to baptize your kid...

Ok, so if MacArthur asks Sproul to make a case from Scripture alone for infant baptism, let's turn the table. Make a case from Scripture alone that says you can't baptize someone under the age of 12 or whatever age limit you put on it. There is no evidence scripturally speaking to this end.

I love the believer's baptism proponent that says infant baptism isn't scriptural, but then they put non-scriptural limitations on who gets baptized. ironic, isn't it?? What God has not forbidden, we must not either.

How can you really tell someone is truly converted anyways? Seriously, we have our questions we ask, but can you ever really know? how many questions was Cornelius asked about his faith before baptism? those in his household? Inevitably baptists baptized just as many reprobates as presbyterians do.

At 23 April, 2008 21:10, Blogger GUNNY said...


Were you listening to the dude's story?

I understand, I think from where you are coming. Interestingly enough, I talked with a guy about this very same thing earlier tonight.

If the Baptist approach is to baptize converts, then you want to baptize those with a "credible profession." But what is that?

I understand a minimum age requirement for a variety of reasons, notably trying to objectify things somewhat.

However, the problem is in thinking we can be foolproof in our determination of conversion. We may get it wrong, though we don't want to.

I've heard Dever's church has a minimum age of 18, which certainly seems high to me, for I think we can have some confidence about someone prior to that, though it will be different for different people.

Some would say a profession is not credible prior to age X, but I think it depends on the kid.

I like to ask the following questions:
1. Why do you want to be baptized?

2. Who is Jesus?

I can tell a great deal about kid by those two answers.

Most would agree that a 3 day old baby is unable to give a credible profession, but is it possible for a 5 year old who grew up in a solid Christian home to believe in Jesus and seek to walk in His ways?

I think so, though I think it's also easy enough for a 5 year old to get baptized because of the parents' faith, which makes us paedobaptists.

I said all that to say this, while I'm not so much a minimum age requirer, I understand it.

I'm picking up some edge in your comments, but I hope you can at least understand that they're just trying to clarify a little more what a credible profession looks like.

I would just disagree with that requirement.

Also, I think you see a similar approach with regard to the Lord's Supper in the paedobaptist system. They have a bit of a process and age guidelines with regard to when the child is capable of discerning the sacrament.

I'm not a paedobaptist, but if I was I think I would be inclined to think if you're in the covenant, then you should be able to receive the sign of the covenant and the privilege of the Lord's Supper as well.


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