Monday, March 31, 2008

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Here's a nice combination of 2 of my favorite press conferences of all time. Remember, you gotta practice if you're gonna make the playoffs.

Read as David Kotter asks, "Is a Woman just an Egg Factory?" It seems college newspapers are offering to buy the eggs of young, attractive, and intelligent women.
"Being paid for selling eggs, surrogate motherhood or prostitution in each case reduces a woman to the cash value of her femininity."

Check out Logan's list of top 5 singers turned actors.

Read Tim Challies book review of Colin Hansen's Young, Restless, Reformed. You may recognize the title as that of his article about the resurgence of Calvinism. (cf. The word itself makes some men uncomfortable.)
"In an article written in 2006 for Christianity Today, Collin Hansen gave us a framework to understand the contemporary revival of Reformed theology—something so many felt was happening but so few could describe. Now he invites us to journey with him on a voyage of discovery as he travels the nation, learning how our restless youth are discovering anew the great doctrines of the Christian faith."

Check out Brent Thomas on the Deadliest Sin.

Matt Waymeyer at Pulpit Magazine's blog is talking about infant baptism.
Read A Biblical Critique of Infant Baptism
Read Infant Baptism and Acts 16:31-34
Read Infant Baptism and Acts 2:39

Check out these new Music Song Sheets.

Read Time Magazine's thoughts on the Internet's Effect on News. (HT Tim Challies)

Read as Paul Lamey addresses the identity of “This generation” in Matthew 24:34. He's got some interesting Greek slooge to throw a curve into the discussion.

Previously we learned of a publisher removing the crucifixion from their curriculum for preschoolers for Resurrection Sunday's material. Read about their repentance. Good for them.

Check out Jeff Wright's thoughts & resources on the link between removing the gospel from our worship services and then from our sermons.

Watch this great video clip of some gospel-centered creativity regarding Isaiah 53. (HT Tim Challies)

Check out some resources for Tactics in Defending Your Faith.

Read as Darrell Bock shares some quick thoughts on the Gospel.
"The gospel is not about avoiding something or simply having sins forgiven. All that does is set the stage for what is really the good news, namely, that God has taken the initiative to restore a broken relationship with Him that we cannot fix on our own."

Read Anthony Bradley's thoughts on Robin Williams divorcing after 19 years. Personally, I don't think he ever should have left Mindy, especially after she put up with all his, "Mork calling Orson" tomfoolery.

This is a follow up story. Read about the punishment delivered to the man who burned his 2-month-old daughter, Ana, in the microwave. This guys is ever more depraved than first thought. His punishment is not enough.
"Just before putting her in the microwave in May 2007, Mauldin had punched Ana and placed her in the room's safe and refrigerator."

Check out some free Scripture memory songs.

Check out Brother Hank's Plea To Seminarians For Open Discourse: On The (Hidden) Theology of Birth Control.

Read Johnny Mac's Who Said Doctrine Isn’t Practical?
"The idea that Christ is anti-doctrine is a foundational belief of that cult."

Read Adam Groza's Fathers, Be Good to Your Daughters.

Check out IVP's Reformation Commentary on Scripture.
"The biblical revolution of the sixteenth century was an explosive event that shook the foundations of the church and called all Christians ad fontes—back to the sources! The Reformation Commentary on Scripture brings many of these sources, some for the first time, into the hands of today's preachers and laity. My prayer is that this new series will encourage a fresh engagement with the primary sources of the Christian faith, and that this will result in the kind of God-centered Reformation that shook the world of Luther and Calvin." —Dr. Timothy George

Read Lance Ward's thoughts on Focusing on the Family ... but which one?

Read about the police busting up an underage rootbeer kegger.

Read a selection from Embryo: A Defense of Human Life.
“The human embryo is a human person worthy of full moral respect”

Read How to Complain to God: A Meditation on Psalms 42 and 43.
"In addition to honesty, a proper complaint is characterized by trust."

Rev has written about J.I. Packer on the nature of Calvinism.
Read Packer’s Points (Intro.)
Read Packer's 1st Point
Read Packer's 2nd Point
Read Packer's 3rd Point
Read Packer's 4th Point
Read Packer's 5th Point

Ever worry about what could happen to your food? Read about the cook (also a Seahawks fan) who allegedly spit on the burger of a Steelers fan. I can attest that I have seen un-special treatment for Cubs fans at Busch Stadium.

Read Mark Knox, editor of The Baptist Standard, on why Obama was right not to cut ties with Jeremiah Wright.
"You are blessed (or you’re not thinking for yourself) if you’ve never disagreed with your pastor. I like what Dallas Morning News columnist Steve Blow said on the subject: 'I fully understand the concept of squirming in your church pew. I’m a Southern Baptist.'"

Comment of the Week:
"Few things makes the hair on the back of our culture's neck stand up like the word 'submit.' Use it and people immediately think you are an ecclesiastical Archie Bunker." (Chris Brauns)
"No great improvements in the lot of mankind are possible until a great change takes place in the fundamental constitution of their modes of thought."
-John Stuart Mill
(Incidentally, the Bible calls that the renewing of the mind.)



At 31 March, 2008 10:51, Blogger samurai said...

You must take notes all week, and then the thoughts that don't make it into other blog entries get these snippets for your monday post. :)

At 31 March, 2008 21:03, Anonymous Lance said...

Mork left Mindy?!


At 31 March, 2008 23:10, Anonymous Casey Jones said...

Hey Gunny,I put your blog on my blog. I need to get with you and Lance before I move back to God's country. When is good for you?

At 01 April, 2008 00:56, Blogger Reepicheep said...

Regarding Waymeyer and this quote:

"My prayer is that they will be received not as the latest round of artillery in a battle between enemies, but rather as an earnest attempt to strive toward like-mindedness among brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ."

It was a nice try....

At 02 April, 2008 09:17, Blogger Vitamin Z said...

That AI clip is one of the best ever.


At 03 April, 2008 17:14, Blogger GUNNY said...


Lance & I often hook up at Starbucks and we're about due. Let's try to get together before you leave God's country.


Amen, Z, that AI is good!


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