Monday, March 24, 2008

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Mondays can be tough, but like Francis we may need to lighten up just a bit.

This is just nuts. Read about a "Christian" publisher that has intentionally omitted the Gospel (i.e., crucifixion & resurrection of Jesus) from its curriculum because it's too scary for preschoolers. (HT Ron)
"We have made this choice because the crucifixion is simply too violent for preschoolers. And if we were to skip the crucifixion and go straight to the resurrection, then preschoolers would be confused."

Read about the Mighty Lakers' Kobe Bryant et al sounding the bell about genocide in Dafur.

Read as John MacArthur addresses Baptism for the Dead.

Check out A Prayer to the Sovereign Lord on reformation21.

Read about the rosary being the newest gang symbol.

Check out this sobering comment from Kathy on Lionel Woods' post asking, "Is it ever okay to terminate the life of the unborn?"
"I was reminded of a woman who had a partial-birth abortion at 7 months along. I read the article too long ago to remember too much of it, but she told her story so that PBA could continue–she considered it a good thing in her case. She was Catholic, and named her daughter Katherine, and had her baptized in utero, and then the doctor pulled her baby out by the legs and jammed a suction device into her skull, and sucked out her brains. That is where moral relativism got her. She named, baptized, and then killed her daughter. Brother, we must stand against that."

Read about the summary judgment in favor of Dr. Patterson et al. in the case of Dr. Sherri Klouda no longer allowed to teach Hebrew at SWBTS. (my past related post)

Read as Stephen Dubner asks, Is Divorce Good for a Candidate?

Read Brother Hank's reflection on his year-long reading of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress.

Read as John Piper asks, "Did Jesus spend Saturday in Hell?"

Check out Quincy Jones' thoughts on the atonement:
Part 1 - Why the Atonement of Christ is the First Doctrine of Scripture
Part 2 - (33 Reasons) Why the Atonement of Christ is the First Doctrine of Scripture
Part 3 - Why that Without the Resurrection there is NO Atonement!

Check out this chart from Andreas J. Köstenberger on the 11 recorded post-resurrection appearances of Jesus. (HT Justin Taylor)

Watch this very interesting video regarding the "Shroud of Turin" and speculation that it might be much older than originally tested in 1988. (HT Mark T)

Read Tim Challies' thoughts on Becoming a Better Apologizer.

Read about Dutch officials who “permit gay sex in public areas but fine dog owners who let their pets off the leash in Amsterdam’s Vondelpark.” (HT Brent)

Opinions have abounded all week, but check out Thabiti Anyabwile on Obama's speech responding to the situation with Rev. Jeremiah Wright's sermon(s).

Read the PreachingToday interview of N.T. Wright about the resurrection.
"Some people are always going to be offended when you actually teach them what's in the Bible as opposed to what they assume is in the Bible. The preacher can try to say it a number of ways, and sometimes people just won't get it. They will continue to hear what they want to hear. But if you soft-pedal matters, they will think, Oh, he's taking us down the old familiar paths. There is a time for walking in and just saying what needs to be said."

Check out Bob Kauflin's Winner of the Most Embarrassing Moment [Leading Worship] Contest. (HT Benji) Reminds me of the After Action Review of each Sunday where we'd evaluate nominations for the "Emergency Brake of Day."

Check out Johnny Mac's thoughts on Christians and the Environment.
"Just a footnote. Though this earth is our temporary home, do take time to enjoy God’s beauty. Take care of your yard. Stop to smell the flowers. Enjoy the forests. God placed those rich resources on this planet for our comfort and His enjoyment. Let us be thankful to Him for that."

Read Michael Horton in Touchstone on the "evolving" role of the pastor. (HT Denny Burk via Lance)

Read 29 ways to glorify God as a parent.

Read about the young married love in Saudi Arabia ... among cousins, he's 11 and she's 10.

Check out Generating Excitement about Learning in Sunday School.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

Read about the corn flake in the shape of Illinois that sold for $1,350 on ebay. That's nuts. Now, if it had been in the shape of Texas ...

Read about efforts to shame "Johns," the solicitors of prostitutes.

Check out an Ethics-and-values analysis of Horton Hears a Who?

Find out what's most likely to kill you by accessing figures for death probability.

Read Acknowledging Jesus as a Failed Leader on Parchment and Pen. (HT Benji via Lance)
"Legacy is what matters. Obviously no one will every match Jesus in the realm of legacy. But as we contemplate our pilgrimage in life, we must get over the self-serving concept of leadership and set our hearts and minds on legacy."

Read about the fleeing shoplifter who forgot something ... his son.

Read Your City Needs You to Blow Through Red Lights. Do they want to increase law-abiding or revenue?
"Dallas had anticipated an annual $14.8 million for red-light-running fines, money essential to keeping the cameras running — before people stopped running lights and reduced violations more than 50 percent at some locations."

Read about Time magazine's 10 Ideas that Are Changing the World.

Read about the man who got back his 1965 Mustang, 38 years after it was stolen.

Read as USA Today asks, "Has the 'notion of sin' been lost?"

Ponder whether or not your doctor is blogging about you.

Read about the 4th grader's 1986 message in a bottle that traveled for 21 years and 1,735 miles before being found.

Read about the growing and unwise reliance upon GPS in cars.

Sadly, check out that which signals the end of the Mavericks' season.

Comment of the Week:
"The problem in most congregations is that sin is treated as nothing more than a 'mere flesh wound.'" (Rev)
"All the Easter eggs and the Easter bunny are even more extraneous to the purpose of Easter than Santa is to Christmas. At least Santa Claus was based on a saint. I wonder whether even some Christian churches are making the connection between Christ's death and resurrection and victory over sin — the linchpin doctrine of Christianity."
- Al Mohler, President of SBTS



At 24 March, 2008 20:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I knew the price of food was going up - but, $1,350 for a single cornflake? That's crazy...I am going to go through by box of Cheerios and see if I can find three that are linked together and try to market it as a symbol of the Holy Trinity! :0


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