Monday, March 10, 2008

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

Some good bull from the USMC Silent Drill Platoon at a Nuggets game. (HT NCGuy)

Read about the study that found that Daylight Saving Time actually uses more energy, as opposed to saving it, as was originally argued.

Read about how a Series of blunders turned the plastic bag into global villain.
“The impact of bags on whales, dolphins, porpoises and seals ranges from nil for most species to very minor for perhaps a few species.For birds, plastic bags are not a problem either.”

Read the Sports Illustrated article that as great as he was, Brett Favre could have been better.
What could have been - Popularity, skills prevented Favre from true greatness.

Check out the conversation Rev shared that transpired between Charles Simeon & Charles Wesley over the issue of Calvinism & Arminianism.
“Then, Sir, with your leave I will put up my dagger again; for this is all my Calvinism; this is my election, my justification by faith, my final perseverance: it is in substance all that I hold, and as I hold it; and therefore, if you please, instead of searching out terms and phrases to be a ground of contention between us, we will cordially unite in those things wherein we agree.”

Scope out this interview of Eugene Peterson posted by Chris Brauns, who is wise to point out that he doesn't "agree with everything Eugene Peterson says" as a caveat. Whoa, that was close.

Grammar Girl's Top 10 Grammar Myths.

Read about why Sixteen Candles is better than Pretty in Pink. (HT Oilcan)

These are some whacked out parent & kid depravity.
  • Read about the man who put his kids in the dryer for cheap fun.
  • Read about the woman who tried to teacher her 3-6 year old daughter about respect with a high pressure car wash.
  • Read about the mother who fell asleep with her baby in the tub.
  • Read about the man caused 3rd degree burns to his 2 month old daughter by putting her in the hotel microwave.
  • Read about the most heinous, the Syrian man who decapitated his 15 month old nephew in front of the boys parents because he was mad at them. Oh, yeah, you heard that right. In the supermarket, in front of everyone.

This is genius. See/Buy a pair of these "Left Behind" shorts (jogging pants available as well). (HT Tom Johnson)

Check out this AMAZING deep sea footage showing creatures that sure look intelligently designed. (HT NCGuy)
David Gallo shows jaw-dropping footage of amazing sea creatures, including a shape-shifting cuttlefish, a pair of fighting squid, and a mesmerizing gallery of bioluminescent fish that light up the blackest depths of the ocean.

Check out the list of Packer on Owen slooge assembled by Justin Taylor.

Check out Tony LaRussa's disdain for the DH.
"I think it's more of a game when the pitcher is in the lineup."

Read Tim Challies on the Progressive Nature of Revelation.

Read about the Men's Health list of 20 Worst Foods. (HT Anthony Bradley)
(2) Chili's Awesome Blossom--2,710 calories; 203 g fat; 194 g carbs; 6,360 mg sodium

Check out the 50 Funniest Films of the 80s.
41-50, 31-40, 21-30, 11-20, 1-10.

Check out one of newest favorite websites: Stuff White People Like. I have a few white friends and this stuff describes them perfectly!
#83 Bad memories of high school
#75 Threatening to Move to Canada
#71 Being the only white person around
#62 Knowing What’s Best for Poor People
#20 Being an expert on YOUR culture
#17 Hating their parents
#9 Making you feel bad about not going outside
#4 Assists
(Here's their Whole List.)

Read Noel Piper on How I Fight Bossiness.

Check out the Biggest Grossing Movies of All Time (adjusted for inflation).

Read Brent Thomas' thoughts on Dr. Seuss' new "Pro-Life" message in Horton Hears a Who.

Read Al Mohler's thoughts in response to the CA virtual ban on homeschooling.

Check out these short-term missions ideas.

Read Wendy Alsup on How to Ruin a Women's Ministry. (HT Joe Thorn)

Read Nathan Busenitz on the principles that should guide Christians who interact on blogs.
(Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4)

Read the thoughts of Reformation 21's Rick Phillips on Church "Visions."
Is it necessary or even advisable for churches to make 5-year or 10 year plans? Or is such a practice a corruption of the spiritual calling of the church? My response consists of the following 7 points, which I will flesh out below:

Read as John Piper asks, Do Jews Have a Divine Right in the Promised Land?

Read about the Elements of Comedy, by taking a look at Steve Martin on the Kennedy assassination.

Read Ray Fowler's Palm Sunday sermon, the events told from the perspective of Jesus' donkey.

Check out the upcoming "dialogue" between Dan Wallace & Bart Ehrman on the topic of The Textual Reliability of the New Testament. (HT Ron)

Read about the German postal worker who kept 29,000 pieces of undelivered mail in his home, which he had collected over 15 years.

Read about the Italian man jailed for emailing pornographic pictures of his ex-girlfriend without her consent.

Read about 2 moms who got in a brawl at Chuck E. Cheese because one of the sons was "hogging" one of the games.

Comment of the Week:
"On a side note, contrary to Gunny who likes Terms of Endearment because of the Shirley MacLaine romance, I like Terms of Endearment because Debra Winger dies at the end."(Oilcan)
"Patience has its limits. Take it too far, and it's cowardice."
-George Jackson



At 10 March, 2008 14:02, Blogger Rev. said...

First the Rick Astley video, and now the slooge about why Sixteen Candles is better than Pretty in Pink. I'm very concerned...

At 10 March, 2008 14:41, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, glad to see you took Michael's (internetmonk) last post literally! I found your blog through his - and have to admit - that this post had me laughing so hard - never have I seen so many "informative and helpful links" in one post! Good going! :)

At 10 March, 2008 21:55, Anonymous Stephanie said...


Should we think of the "Left Behind" shorts in terms of our affinity for Kirk Cameron, or rather a proud declaration of coming in last in a foot race?

At 11 March, 2008 10:40, Blogger samurai said...

Ok, first off... how do you do that! How can you gather up so much interesting information and then post it like - EVERYDAY! LOL

I mean, you put so much in there that I can't possibly read it all!

Thank you for blogging fresh and interesting! And it's nice for me to find another Christian male blogger that is interesting to read.

At 11 March, 2008 17:01, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I figure getting mentioned in, "A Case of the Monday's," is sort of the Christian blogger's equivalent of getting his picture on the Cover of Rolling Stone.

So, even though "I have all the friends that money can buy, so I'll never have to be alone," I am again honored to have a link.

I intend to buy 5 copies for my mother.


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