Monday, February 04, 2008

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

A future singing dentist? Where does this 10 year-old girl live? I'm hoping it's not too far for her family to commute to Providence Church. Gabi, like most 4th graders I assume you're reading my blog, so join us Sunday in Garland! (HT Renita)

Read about Not For Sale, modern day abolitionists.

Read some good insight on How to Craft a Good Sermon … or a Great One. (HT Gene E)

Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one? Read about 24-hour medical marijuana vending machines in Los Angeles.

1, 2 ... Freddy's coming for you. Read about the re-launch of the Nightmare of Elm Street movie series.

Will the real liberal please stand up? Read as Romney and McCain called one another "liberal" while campaigning for Florida. It's been a while since I heard a good round of "I know you are, but what am I?"

Read Why Every Calvinist Must Be Evangelistic.

Read this hot political opinion (HPO) after the Florida primary: McCain didn't just win Florida -- he won the GOP nomination.

Read Jeff Wright urge everyone to unite around Romney: Why conservatives must say 'No' to John McCain and Mike Huckabee.

Read as Joe Carter shares the Case Against Romney.

Read about how some non-Christians feel left out of election.

Read about the findings that cold medications send 7,000 children to the emergency room each year. Phooey! (Yes, that passed spell check.) I can anticipate the pharmacies' response: "Meds don't kill people; doctors kill people."

Read about Pre-Marital Adultery: The Marital Obligations of Single Christians.
"I believe that Christian men and women who are unmarried (and are not called to a life of chastity) have certain present obligations to their future spouse."

Familiar with the "Motivational" posters? Check out these attempts to have fun with the Emerging peeps. They're in alphabetical order, but my favorites were POSTMODERN and UNITY.

Check out C.J. Mahaney's new blog.
"In fact, it was that possibility, that I could somehow serve pastors, members of Sovereign Grace churches and anyone who wanted to listen in, that eventually persuaded me to begin this blog. So, I hope in some small way this does serve you and if not then we will simply close it down and I will hold my well-meaning friends responsible."

Be aware of these Signs that you might be taking this emerging thing too far.
16. You brag that you have never been pinned down theologically on any issue.
13. You are offended when someone says they are going to “Preach the Gospel” or “Teach the truth” believing they should just “Tell a story.”

Read about a REALLY lonely man. Where's Dr. Phil when you need him?
"A lonely Japanese man has been arrested for allegedly calling directory assistance thousands of times because he liked to be scolded by female operators"

Click here to have your computer screen cleaned the old fashioned way.

Listen to the 9 Marks interview with Iain Murray, assistant to the late Martyn Lloyd-Jones and big dog with Banner of Truth.
"Murray discusses the ministries of Lloyd-Jones, Pink and pulls some great lessons from Wesley that Calvinists need to take heed of." (HT FaithbyHearing)

Read about Suzanne Pleshette receiving a posthumous Hollywood Star.

Check out this awesome list of summer 2008 movies, with a synopsis and evaluation (i.e., verdict). File this one away for later at the least.

This is perhaps one of the greatest insights I've seen in a very long time. Read the Church from the World's Window about doing things in public together as a church. (HT Ray Fowler)
"I fear that the visible church is only visible on Sundays and Wednesdays, and even then it is not the church which is visible, but rather just the gathering of cars in a parking lot! Now, I don’t claim to have the perfect answer, or any grand words of wisdom or a deep, profound insight into how the visible church can actually become more visible to the world, but I do have one small suggestion:
* Do more things in public with your church body so that the world will see you together with one another."

On the eve of Super Tuesday, read about how Democrats & Republicans use different methods to pick a nominee. (Now, if someone could just explain to me the difference between a caucus and a primary ...)
"The delegate selection process is designed to keep the campaign going for as long as possible" among Democrats"

Apparently, I'm not the only one who's not a fan of the "spicing up your sex life" slooge that is used to attract a church crowd. Read about folks in Allen, Texas, upset over the ads for the sermon series "MySexLifeStinks.TV."

Read about the 79 year old nun sentenced to jail for sexually abusing 2 teens in the 1960s.

Read an interview with the author of The Sociology of ‘Hooking Up’ - Sex, Dating & Relationships on Campus.
"Q: Was anyone willing to talk openly about the “walk of shame"?
A: Several of the students I interviewed mentioned the “walk of shame,” which refers to a college student, usually female, walking home the next morning after a hookup encounter in the same outfit he/she was wearing the evening prior. Given that students dress differently for “going out” at night than during the daytime, it is obvious to onlookers when a student is doing the walk of shame. One of many interesting things about this phrase is that students use the word “shame” at all. If students accept hooking up and believe that “everybody’s doing it,” then why do they use the term shame when referencing a hookup encounter? I think that phrase actually underscores an important issue: Many students are struggling with the hookup system. For those students who are having trouble making sense of it all, I hope my book will help shed some light on both what is happening and why it is happening."

Ponder the ethics of execution.

Read 10 Tips to Retain More of What You Read Online.

Read about Economics of Recruiting: A new way to predict where top prospects will end up.

Check out the Top 12 Evangelical Christians in Sports Today.

The devil made me do it! Read about the Odessa, Texas, man trying to use this as the explanation for his wife's death: Man says exorcism led to wife's death.

Read about how the Giants shocked the world and gave us an unexpectedly GREAT game in Superbowl XLII. Congratulations to the Manning brothers winning back to back Superbowl MVPs.

Check out these Superbowl commercials. (HT Jade)
Planter's Perfume
A Message Sent by Audi Corrleone (my favorite)
How I would suggest you not AMP up a jumpstart
Coca Cola Jinx

Comment of the Week:
"THE drawback to a bow tie? You have to iron more of your shirt. With a regular tie, you only have to iron the collar, then put on a jack and your good! :)" (Timothy)
"A woman is like a tea bag—you never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water."
–Eleanor Roosevelt



At 04 February, 2008 07:58, Blogger Michelle K said...

We got one of the "my sex life stinks" flyers in the mail. I was amused. Then Jason pointed out that the two people who are on the flyer that are obviously supposed to be the married couple in need of some sex help aren't wearing wedding rings. Go figure.

At 04 February, 2008 08:11, Blogger GUNNY said...

I know! I saw that too! How heinous!

At 04 February, 2008 13:37, Blogger Jade said...

Hey Gunny,
They played Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" song at the end of the game! And to think I found this video in the sports section is PRICELESS!! :ob Also here's another priceless commercial I overlooked that you need to watch! :ob
What a SuperBowl game! When it comes to a New York vs Boston games, it's never short of excitement! Somethings never change, eh? The best I've seen in a long time, no?! And how sweet to win this in light of what happened to the post season MLB this year. To have both Manning brothers beat Brady twice in a row in such pivotal games like that is unbelievable! The Mannings are truly a football dynasty now. The G-Men Defense was GREAT!! To see Brady get sack as often as that was unbelievable! But they should have seen it coming when the last time NE faced the G-Men were as close as this game was. NE thought this was a done deal before even the game started and it brought on their demised! This was clearly seen in Brady's shocked response by the 17 point prediction that his team would acquire, but it wasn't far from the truth! A lot of losers in Las Vegas this year, eh?

I have to admit that I thought we were goners when NE scored with 2:41 time left in the clock. Eli SHOCKED us all. How he eluded that sacked and make that play to make the first down was PRICELESS. It clearly showed he wanted to win. Brady did too ... in the end when he attempted to do two hail marys in the last 30 seconds of the game. But it wasn't destiny that Brady should become the next Joe Namath! He'd have to first become a New Yorker to do that! :ob

But Southerners should also relish this New York win. After the Mannings are from Mississippi. :o) As Bobby noted that what would the NFL be like without Southerners like Manning and Favre (who is also from MS). But I had to remind Bobby it's a wonder why these Southerners come up North! :ob Keep milking these great Southern athletes, but just remember that they find their fame here in the North! :ob

BTW Gunny, here are two more funny commercials:
The dumb cavemen.
The run over the squirrel scream. Although I think the Richard Simmons was better though. I never liked Richard Simmons; his voice is just too hard to bare. :ob

At 07 February, 2008 22:26, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, Romney is out. Huckabee is starting to look better by default. He's no Fred Thompson, but he's better that McCain. Question is: Is it too late for Huck?

McCain gets my vote over Hillary and Barack, but I'm not too thrilled about voting for him.

At 07 February, 2008 22:33, Blogger GUNNY said...

For me, it's kind of like the NFL playoffs.

Once the Cowboys were out, who should I root for?

As the field narrowed, the answer to that became clearer.

Assuming Hillary and/or Obama are the New England Patriots, then whoever becomes the New York Giants will get my loyalty by default.

However, I'd prefer to root for Huck than McCain at this point, though I would have thought a week ago Romney had a better chance against McCain that Huck did/does.

Vegas lost $2.6 million on Super Bowl betting. It's hard to wager on this one either, with Fred being a "one and done" and then Rudy getting "upset" as well.

At 09 February, 2008 21:36, Blogger Jade said...

Gunny wrote:
Assuming Hillary and/or Obama are the New England Patriots, then whoever becomes the New York Giants will get my loyalty by default.

So you think Hucky could pull a "Manning Escape" at the 4th quarter Gunny? :o)
Had to drive to Boston today and had to pass Foxboro. It was very quiet. :ob What a treat to see this just a week after the SuperBowl! :ob Heheehehe Too bad I didn't have a Giants sticker on my car ... but then again, I don't want it stoned. :o)


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