Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.

Join me in mourning the passing of William F. Buckley, Jr. (HT Oil)

I used to eat him up in my political heyday and was once a devoted subscriber and reader of National Review. He's a stalwart and pillar of/for conservatism his passing symbolizes the end of an era, just as we're on the eve of a "not so conservative" receiving the Republican Party's nomination.

From William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard:
"For people of my generation, Bill Buckley was pretty much the first intelligent, witty, well-educated conservative one saw on television. He legitimized conservatism as an intellectual movement and therefore as a political movement."

He also gained notoriety in 1965 when he ran for mayor of New York City on a lark against a liberal Republican who eventually became a Democrat.
When asked what he would do if he won the race, Buckley issued his classic response, "I'd demand a recount." During one televised debate, Buckley declined to use his allotted rebuttal time and instead replied, "I am satisfied to sit back and contemplate my own former eloquence."

I always appreciated him because he was a throwback to my brand of conservatism, that of Barry Goldwater.

The end of era, folks, and perhaps a sign of things to come.


At 27 February, 2008 16:30, Blogger Rev. said...

I was truly saddened when I heard of his passing. A true loss.

At 27 February, 2008 21:39, Blogger mark t said...

Besides his ideas, and tactful way of expressing them, I liked some of his quirkiness. Didn't he scrunch his forehead up pretty good, at times?

At 27 February, 2008 23:41, Blogger GUNNY said...

Yeah, Mark T, he certainly had some fun mannerisms and quirks.

Incidentally, Rev has a great WFB quote regarding the role of Christianity.

At 28 February, 2008 02:37, Blogger GUNNY said...

Joe Carter shares 4 things he will miss about WFB.

At 29 February, 2008 22:39, Blogger GUNNY said...

Check out this picture of William F. Buckley, Jr. at work at his desk. (HT Justin Taylor)


My gut reaction ... as I look around my own home office/study is to think, "That's not so bad. I'm looking at worse."

His doesn't have a toddlers' toys stacked on top of volume 6 of Owen's Works or a 30-30 and a 12 gauge awaiting cleaning from the men's retreat a few weeks ago, nor a soccer whistle, nor a jar of dirt from the backyard, nor a guitar, or ankle weights, nor baptismal robes, nor baby bottles filled with loose change, my voter registration card, or barbells, a Cool Hand Luke DVD, etc.

So ... I'm tempted to say, "See, I'm like William F. Buckley, Jr. I'm not a slob. I'm an intellectual."

But, to do so would open me up to the following inevitable comment:

"Pastor, I knew William F. Buckley, Jr. William F. Buckley, Jr. was a friend of mine. You're no William F. Buckley, Jr."


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