Monday, January 21, 2008

Sounds like somebody's got a case of the Mondays.

A new "true men of genius" guy. I remember this guy from college! "Oooww, that's kind of creepy." (HT The Higgins)

Read as John Piper shares some timely thoughts: Don't Waste Martin Luther King Weekend.

Read as Historians fear MLK's legacy being lost.
She believes it's important for Americans in 2008 to remember how disliked King was before his death in April 1968.

"If we forget that, then it seems like the only people we can get behind must be popular," Harris-Lacewell said. "Following King meant following the unpopular road, not the popular one."

Read about how White separatists "celebrated" Martin Luther King day via protest in Jena, La.
"Chants of "No KKK" from the mostly college-age counter-demonstrators were met with a chant from the separatists that contained a racial epithet."

Read as Texas takes the gold ... as biggest carbon polluter.

Isn't this cruel AND unsual? Read as Lindsay Lohan's punishment is to serve time in a morgue.

Read about The incredible shrinking field of Catholic presidential candidates.

This is somewhat encouraging: US abortions at lowest rate since 1974. 1.2 million?! It's hard to be too excited about that.

Read as Stephen Dubner notes the one issue missing from the presidential campaigns: Crime.

Read about the Golfweek editor fired for noose cover.
"Ten days after a Golf Channel anchor was suspended for her use of "lynch" in commentary on Tiger Woods, an editor was fired Friday for illustrating the controversy with a noose on the cover of Golfweek magazine."

Listen to RC Sproul's message on God's Sovereignty.

Read the Top 10 Things You Hate to Hear in the Car. I have to add an 11th: "Are we there yet?"

Read the Wall Street Journal's thoughts on church discipline: Banned From Church. In response, read Tom Ascol's thoughts.

Read as Lionel Woods ponders the question, "What Would You Do as a Reformed Slave?"
"As I hear so many times “Sunday is the most segregated day” (especially in the south) we must not forget, that it wasn’t our choice! We were forced to segregate because whites would rather get preaching from a dog than worship with a “colored”. The ball was never in our courts to begin with. We were the victim and not the perpetrator. So here is the question ..."

Read the results of a study that declare Caffeine Doubles Miscarriage Risk.

Poetic justice? Read about a robbery gone not as planned.
"Police say a man accidentally shot himself in the groin as he was robbing a convenience store."

Read as Brother Hank commends and defends the faculty of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary for adding cowboy hats as an option for formal academic regalia.

Read about the design flaw that caused the Minneapolis bridge collapse.

Read about how the students didn't rat out the culprits in the school's food fight, even though tempted with $30.

Read about the passing of Suzanne Pleshette, the co-star of one of the greatest shows of all time, The Bob Newhart Show.

This is a great resource. Scope out Operation World online.
"The primary purpose of Operation World is PRAYER!"

Read about How to Attain Serenity Before Giving a Speech.

Read as Johnny Mac ask and answers Why Preach the Word?
"Second, preaching the Word is the only right way to preach because it brings the preacher into direct contact with the mind of the Holy Spirit, the author of Scripture. It is for that reason that the preacher of the Word finds the process of study and discovery to be even more rewarding than the preaching that results from it, gratifying as that can be."

Comment of the Week:
"MLK's words are as enduring as an Everlasting Gobstopper." (Oilcan)
"Blessed is the man who, having nothing to say, abstains from giving us wordy evidence of the fact."
-George Eliot



At 22 January, 2008 01:10, Blogger randal said...

Just gotta love Louisiana, I wonder if there will be a march to protest today's march. We have a new Governor and I wish he would come out and put a stop to all this madness. We have such a sad state. The new Governor wants to get all the corruption out of the state and I hope that this is one issue he will take on. If someone in our state is corrupt he said he will call them out!

At 24 January, 2008 03:01, Blogger GUNNY said...

Wasn't David Duke from Louisiana as well?

At 27 January, 2008 23:46, Blogger randal said...

thanks for reminding me, I almost forgot about that guy.Louisiana is batting 1000


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