Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Our choices are what make us who we are. We always have the choice to do what's right.

Fred Thompson's candidacy got a pretty sizable shot in the arm today.

Fred was endorsed by the National Right to Life Committee. NRLC is the nation's largest pro-life organization representing over 3,000 local chapters in all 50 states.

From the press release:
“As the first major grassroots organization to enter the Republican presidential race, National Right to Life is proud to endorse Fred Thompson,” stated Wanda Franz, Ph.D., president of National Right to Life. “Our endorsement is a testament to Senator Thompson’s long-standing pro-life record, his commitment to unborn children, and our belief in his ability to win.”

Personally, I've been on the "Fred for President" bandwagon even before he was.

I know this is a crazy election coming up for a variety of reasons, but Fred seems to bring gravitas, electability, and a staunch pro-life profile to the table. I don't see anyone else in the race with such a strong skill set.

Fred is a professing Christian with a great record in the pro-life category. His pro-life commitment has been questioned, but our choices are what make us who we are. And Fred's voting record speaks for itself.

From the press release:
"Fred Thompson has had a strong, consistent pro-life record throughout his political career. Thompson opposes abortion and believes the 1973 abortion on demand Supreme Court decision was wrongly decided and must be reversed. During his eight years in the United States Senate, he always opposed using tax dollars to promote or pay for abortion and supported the many pro-life measures such as parental notice and consent."

Go, Fred, Go. Keep on doin' what's right.



At 13 November, 2007 23:15, Anonymous Mark T. said...

Hey Eric:

How can I get notified in my e-mail inbox whenever you post something? Does your software do that?

At 14 November, 2007 11:05, Blogger Oilcan said...

Superman 3

"Right", said Fred. He is not too sexy or too conservative for me. He is my frontrunner also Gunny.

-Oilcan with Fred

At 14 November, 2007 11:57, Blogger Michelle K said...

I believe you mean Spiderman 3, Oilcan. And I am still beating you.

At 14 November, 2007 12:01, Blogger GUNNY said...

Good point, Michelle.

I don't remember seeing Richard Pryor in the movie referenced.

Oil, I think you got served.

Let's all wait and see if he's gonna dance back.

At 14 November, 2007 13:22, Blogger Oilcan said...

Gunny - stop editing my posts!

Surely I wrote Spiderman 3?

At 14 November, 2007 13:30, Blogger GUNNY said...

I heard "forgiveness," Oil, and please don't call me, "Shirley."

Actually, I am not able to edit, only approve or disapprove.

Wow, it's getting hot in here ... on account of all the "burnage."

At 14 November, 2007 14:09, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm for Ron Paul. I'm not sure he's as electable as your boy Freddy, what with his lack of gravitas and all, but he's sure he wants to be president. Something, I'm not sure Fred knows that much about. Plus he's quirky enough that whatever swing voters he's likely to snag are not the retarded neo-cons that have caused us so much trouble in the last 10 years. War gold-standard.


At 14 November, 2007 19:58, Anonymous Ron said...

Bobo is on target. Ron Paul is the man. Aside from being a firm believer in the U.S. Constitution (imagine that?!?):

He has never voted to raise taxes.
He has never voted for an unbalanced budget.
He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership.
He has never voted to raise congressional pay.
He has never taken a government-paid junket.
He has never voted to increase the power of the executive branch.

He voted against the Patriot Act.
He voted against regulating the Internet.
He voted against the Iraq war.

He does not participate in the lucrative congressional pension program.
He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year.

Congressman Paul introduces numerous pieces of substantive legislation each year, probably more than any single member of Congress.

At 14 November, 2007 20:05, Anonymous Ron said...

Oh, and Dr. Paul is also pro-life --- probably the most pro-life candidate out there. He's an ob/gyn who has delivered over 4,000 babies. His position is here:

At 14 November, 2007 20:09, Blogger GUNNY said...

I gotta say, he's got a pretty good track record there.

Has he got a website or something folks could scope out?

I'm particularly interested in the quirkiness mentioned above, that sounds appealing, actually.

Admittedly, I don't know much about Ron Paul, other than the the Bobo endorses him, and the effect of said endorsement is debatable.


Mark T!

What are you doing with your bad self?

That's a good question. I know that after commenting you can get follow up comments emailed to you, but I'm not sure about notification of a new post to the email.

I have a web guy I will ask because he is rather wise in the ways of such things.

At 14 November, 2007 20:23, Anonymous ron said...

Has he got a website? Silly Hartman! Dost ye wot not the power of teh google??

And besides, I posted a link to his website in my last comment.

At 14 November, 2007 20:25, Anonymous ron said...

And in case you didn't follow the link, Dr. Paul says thusly:
"In 40 years of medical practice, I never once considered performing an abortion, nor did I ever find abortion necessary to save the life of a pregnant woman."

At 14 November, 2007 22:39, Blogger GUNNY said...

Ron Burgundy,

I responded before your 2nd comment had been moderated. Oil's bad.

I checked out his site. He claims he's gaining on my boy in the polls, but I'm not so sure.

He's not quite the looker that Fred is, but it's a bonus that he's from Texas.

That's some good anti-abortion slooge, but I've heard that sentiment from many other doctors as well.

At 15 November, 2007 00:10, Anonymous Jeremy said...

Mark me down with Ron and Bobo. I’ve been reading speeches and whatnot from “Dr. No” for many years now. If you’re even remotely interested in having a president who actually thinks the government should be run according to the constitution, then Ron Paul is worth a look.

A perusal of his “Texas Straight Talk” and other speeches from his congressional web site will show what he’s about (Texas Straight Talk goes back to ‘96):


At 17 November, 2007 20:57, Blogger Rev. said...

At this point, Fred is the only guy in the race that I'd vote for.


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