Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Football is about controlling that anger, harnessing that aggression into a team effort to achieve perfection!

The NFL draft has come and gone, which is good because the hype really beat me down. Preseason is almost over, which is good, because the hype really beats me down.

After 2 preseason games, however, I fee pretty good about my this upcoming season.

I'm a Cowboy fan, but there are certain things I hate about professional football (i.e., NFL). I thought it a good time to vent a little about what I don't like about the NFL game.

1. I hate the prevent defense. All it prevents is your team winning the game. Giving up yardage only hoping to prevent the "home run" seems like a failed bit that should have fallen out of vogue years ago, but the Cowboys have particularly enjoyed learning the hard way of its foolishness.

2. Perhaps the thing I hate most about the NFL is the guys with tons of hair protruding from the back of the helmet. White guy, black guy, it doesn't matter. I hate it. Per the rules, the hair is part of the uniform and can be used in a tackle. I would use nothing else when bringing a guy down, perhaps that would be a deterrent. NFL players can't trick up their uniforms or wear unauthorized equipment, but they can let their hair grow down their backs so we can't even read their names on the back? Silly.

3. I've already gone on record about cheer leading, but I hate coming back from commercial and enduring the uncomfortable lingering camera shots on the cleavage bearing cheerleaders.

4. The sideline reporter is a failed bit. The ladies on the side are there to add a feminine touch, but it's an unnecessary person on the payroll as we could get that information without the illusion that we need that person. Plus, the sideline reporter can actually whip you (e.g., Tony Siragusa).

5. I'm whipped by how they feel they have to trick up Monday Night Football. In particular, bringing in the spare pop music icons to assist Hank in asking, "Are you ready for some football?" has got to stop. Hank Williams Jr. was fine by himself. Plus, the player self-introductions is annoying as they announce their school. One guy will give "The U" and another "Slooge High School, Slooge, Texas" and some such. Go back to just flashing thumbnail pictures with name and position underneath, and perhaps college (since they all have one).

6. The pre half-time coach interview is a whippin. They are so cliche and predictable. "Coach, you're down 14 points, what do you need to do in the second half?" "Well, we need to protect the football, make plays on defense, and execute on offense. If we can control the clock we'll be okay." "Thanks, Coach." Please, stop beating him and us down with that foolishness.

7. Another thing that whips me, a commentator that labors the time of possession stat and its importance. This is particularly important to them because it gives your defense a rest, if you have the ball a lot on offense.

Am I the only one that knows that time of possession is not as important and number of plays run? Give me that stat. Why, because 3 runs versus 3 passes uses the same amount of real life time (same play clock, etc.), though the former uses more game clock (assuming the runner doesn't go out of bounds). An incomplete pass will stop the clock, but a team could have 5 "three and outs" whereby all plays were incomplete passes and the other team could have 5 "three and outs" whereby all plays were runs up the middle. The teams' respective defenses get the exact same amount of rest time and the offenses ran the exact same number of plays, though the time of possession will be severely lopsided. Nobody cares about time of possession. Tell me the number of plays run!

8. This is a small one, but what's up with the Cleveland Browns moving to Baltimore and changing their name, but somehow a new team is created ... a team with their name AND their history? How can we have a new team created with a 50+ year history? I will always want the Browns to lose and the Ravens to have more success just because of that historical revisionism.

9. I may not get a lot of support here, but I hate the "fair catch" rule. There shouldn't be any such thing. I'm all for letting a guy catch the ball, like with a receiver, but how much fun could it be to see the guy have to catch the ball and run with it.

10. Another rule change I'd want to see would be getting rid of the awarding of a "catch" when the receiver is pushed out of bounds prior to landing with the ball. Hey, if you're out, you're out. How you got is immaterial. I'd be willing to allow a receiver to only get 1 foot in bounds to constitute a catch to appease the whining receivers.

11. The pass interference call is a beat down. This is almost as bad as the NBA foul, where it could potentially be called on every pass play, or not called, or called the other way. I just hate that even commentators recognize the wisdom in just "throwing it down the field, hoping for a penalty."

12. Silly, tricked up, or "throwback" jersey games seem to be a curse upon the Cowboys. Let's just go with the silver helmets and white or blue jerseys, the way God intended it. I know it's another jersey to con the fan into buying, but please don't put them on the field.

13. The thing that beat me down more than anything last year was the media's obsession with Terrell Owens. I noticed it while in St. Louis the week T.O. had an overdose. It's not just the Dallas media that can't get enough of the guy. Stop beating us down with T.O. talk, particularly that which has no relation to the game of football whatsoever.

14. I also hate the anti-Cowboy bias, particularly with regard to the Hall of Fame.

15. Of course, an easy target is the ridiculous salaries, especially for the rookie who has yet to prove himself. However, I will admit that football is not like other sports where the money is guaranteed. A player can be cut, so the only guaranteed money is the "signing bonus," which is merely a few million for some of those guys.

16. Yet, even worse is the profits the owners must get and I'll have to say it's bad bull they still make money off what former players did, though the former players got/get very little in comparison with what everyone else involved is getting.

17. Lastly, I miss the days of real rivalry. The Cowboys used to really hate the Redskins and vice versa and the game was better for it. Now, there's little team loyalty as free agents are courted by the highest bidder.

Plus, there's less passion for the game. So, win or lose, the teams shake hands and hug and get in touch with each others' feelings. Where's the anger at getting humiliated on the field? Where's the revenge for last year? Where's the aggression that motivates a physical game? Football is about controlling that anger, harnessing that aggression into a team effort to achieve perfection! It's not about bolstering one's reputation and playing for the next free agency contract.

You feelin' me? What whips you about the NFL?


At 21 August, 2007 09:41, Blogger Timothy said...

Hi Gunny,
That about sums it up for me. Especially the prevent defense. That IS the reason I became a Cowboys fan. Remember the year? 1993, or there abouts. Houston Oilers, up by a bizzilion points to the Buffalo Bills at half time and then they lose?

Actually, by that point, I had quit pulling for them, but that solidified my loyalty, or lack of. I knew they were about to leave Houston, so why bother? The Cowboys were in Dallas (area) to stay, and Jimmy Johnson actually impressed me. He had a winning attitude, so I switched loyalties that year...

But alas, I have no loyalties now... for reason number 17 and free agency. Also the Browns moving thing as well. The owners are not loyal to us, why should we be loyal to them.

And finally, I don't bother much with the NFL because 95 percent of their games are on Sunday... I'm busy on the LORD's day. Hard to pay attention.

Now college football... :)

At 21 August, 2007 09:44, Anonymous NCguy said...

Well, you forgot the ridiculous tatoos and body art . . . I'm with you on the hair. I mean I love to watch Marion Barber run, but if I were a defensive tackle, I'd bring him down by the hair everytime. And get rid of the cheerleaders and the beer commercials . . .

At 21 August, 2007 09:50, Blogger samurai said...

Preach it brother!

One that beats me down is the pansy protection of Quarterback! The man is a player just like any other player. If he's holding on to the ball he is a legitimate target just like anybody else!

And what's with the slide rule?

I sort of agree with you on the throwback Jerseys... but in the case of my time (who cannot really claim to have a throwback anything) - they just need to get rid of the over-played Black Jersey in favor of the blue ones.

Go Panthers!

At 21 August, 2007 14:34, Blogger Lance said...

Two things to mention:

1) The pass interference thing you mentioned, where it now becomes a team's desperation strategy to fling it down the field and hope for a flag .
Solution: NCAA has a max. 15 yard penalty for such and an automatic first down.

2) Score. Commercial. Kick-off. Commercial.
What's with that?

At 21 August, 2007 14:54, Blogger Tim Challies said...

I think you tapped most of mine. The sideline reporter one has always bothered me (just like every sports desk program now has a female co-anchor...and always a really good-looking one. I wonder what their plan is?). Many of those sideline reporters don't seem to have any real idea what the game is all about.

Lance got another good one. Score, commercial, kick-off, commercial. It all leads to frustration...

Despite all this complaining, I'm looking forward to a new season!

At 21 August, 2007 17:14, Anonymous Anonymous said...

1. I hate the instant replay. I like the idea of it as a Jesus lover because it should be about revealing the truth and correcting error. However, I hate that it is so unreliable to do so, and after investing minutes upon minutes of dead time that disrupts and lengthens the game, the replay official with 93 views somehow fails to see what we all clearly see in the first replay (especially with HD) - that the call should be overturned. So after all that time and effort wasted, nothing happens.

2. I hate the stupid NFL vs Network broadcast rules that lead to lack of game coverage. I hate being blacked out of a home team game. I hate that they have 8 games all scheduled at the same time from noon to 3, but then cannot show a second 3 to 6 game on the same channel for whatever reason. There are two channels and they ought to be able to show 3 games each on Sunday if they want too, plus ESPN ought to be able to show 3 games also. Really, every game should be nationally televised so that I can have more opportunity to watch more games wherever I am, so if I am stuck at my relatives in Carolina I ought to still be able to watch my Cowboys whip the Cardinals. Or even if I am at home, I ought to be able to watch Da Bears whip the Redskins in the second game after I am done watching my Cowboys win. Just spread the games out and let the networks cover them - that is all I am saying.

3. I hate relying on the network relay. This is not as much of an issue with DVR/TiVo nowadays, but still I often am forced to watch the analog 20th century broadcast in which, for some reason, after an important play or an unusual play or whatever, the announcers are talking about the play but the network never chooses to show the replay, but instead chooses to show the assistant coach picking his nose on the sideline, or the quarterback walking to the sideline to fix his shoulder pad, or the players taking a water break in the huddle, or the slob in the stands waving his stupid sign, all the while I am screaming at the TV to show the stupid replay.

4. I hate that they don't show or update the right game situation information in the little logo in the corner of the screen. They need to be quick on updating and displaying the information that changes most frequently and is most important to the next play - the down and distance. The score doesn't change that frequently - I can keep track of that - but it is constantly up there. The quarter is also always up there - hey it was the third quarter 15-minutes ago and it will still be the 3rd quarter 15-minutes from now - I get it. They show the time clock which is good, but show me the down and distance immediately and constantly. They show the play, the guy is tackled, the teams are huddling up, and the whole time I am like - show me the down and distance please, show me the down and distance, SHOW ME THE DOWN AND DISTANCE, COME ON! Finally, they flash it up just as the offense breaks from the huddle and approaches the line. Why do I have to live in that anxiety between plays not knowing what the down and distance is - how can I arm chair quarterback without that information - why do I have to guess what it is from where the dude was tackled - was that line the 25 or the 30? - I looked away to grab another slice of pizza and have forgotten if it is 2nd down or 3rd down, what is happening?

Please regular season football, Get Here!
Go Cowboys,

At 21 August, 2007 23:47, Blogger GUNNY said...


Yeah, the "tats" and the QBs wearing pink vests so they can slide without injuring their pedicures.

"Score. Commercial. Kick-off. Commercial."

Praise be to God for TiVo. After the score I have Mr. Sulu go warp factor 9 on that dude knowing they'll show the replay of the kickoff if there was anything dramatic after the second commercial set.

More goodies, Oil.

Despite all of these ... I am ready for some football, Cowboys AND Aggies!

At 22 August, 2007 11:11, Anonymous ncguy said...

Anonymous said...
1. I hate the instant replay.

On the contrary, I love the slow motion instant replay. It wouldn't make sense for Golf, but it makes a lot of sense for a fast action sport like football.

gunny said:
Despite all of these ... I am ready for some football, Cowboys AND Aggies!

Cowboys -- yes. Aggies -- no. Texas Tech -- yes.


At 23 August, 2007 11:39, Anonymous BoBo said...

Boo!! creepy consistantly underachieving dallas football team owner. Jerry Jones, your sister Hillary, and the Dark Lord who formerly own the pariah that is the Braves of ATL are Satanic trinity. Apart from what Landry put in place and did, the 90's era of the cryboys would look drastically different. I refuse to root for an organization that treated such an upstanding man so wretchedly. For shame.
I'm alright with the Aggies. i don't worship them and burn patchouli to my little maroon alter every night like you do, but one must come to grips with the fact that they get out-recruited, coached, played, every year. Once you realize that, you can make it through the season with no ulcers, and less dirty thoughts.

At 23 August, 2007 12:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right NCGuy. Sorry, to correct my #1, I hate how the instant replay review is so poorly done.

Of course I love instant replay, especially slow motion. Although I do not like when they show the slow motion highlights from ground view. But I do love that old school NFL Film highlight music.


At 23 August, 2007 15:49, Blogger Blackhaw said...

What I hate the most about Pro Football is that it is not College Football. And I hate the Cowboys. And to think I passed your course Gunny! Oh and I hate A&M and those dorky male cheerleaders! Hook'em!

I really can't think of much that hasn't been already covered. The two that have been mentioned that get me ready to fight the most is the tons of commercials around kickoff and the way no one can hit a QB anymore without a penalty or fine.

I do have two more that I do not remember being brought up.

1. All the NFL players are thugs! Well not all but many if not most. Was anyone really suprised about M. Vick? Maybe that it was about dog fighting but I bet not that another NFL player is in trouble with law. What morons are these guys who are getting millions to play a game and do something stupid enough to be put into jail or to get in trouble in the law for. And this goes for even the guy making the league mininmum. Heck if someone gave me $100,000 . . . no $50,000 . . . to play a game I would make sure all my Ps and Qs were in order.

2. Now this one might go for college also but why do so many receivers catch the ball but when someone gets close to tackling them they run out of bounce. This happens even in the middle of the game when there is no pressure from the game clock. What happened to fighting for every yard one can get? Are they playing tackle football or flag football? Heck I have seen some pass plays in girl flag football games where the receiver gets hit more than many NFL plays nowadays.


At 23 August, 2007 16:40, Blogger GUNNY said...

BH/CP wrote: "What morons are these guys who are getting millions to play a game and do something stupid enough to be put into jail or to get in trouble in the law for."

It is mind-boggling, isn't it? Whether it's drugs of this other criminal stuff, these guys remove millions from their bank accounts. These guys are the epitome of a "dumb jock."

Yeah, what is up with the girly men running out of bounds. I remember watching Earl Campbell back in the day and he would intentionally seek contact to knock the defenders on their backsides. Apart from that lapse of reason as to where he went to college, he's a good role model for running backs.

The receivers are the prima donnas of the NFL. You already can't touch them or it's pass interference, even if they initiate the contact. You can't hit them in the open field anymore when they go up for the ball and miss it. You can't horse collar tackle them (Roy Williams rule). They're going to be joining the QBs in wearing skirts before too long.

At 23 August, 2007 22:24, Anonymous bobo said...

War Earl Campbell. Luv, Luv Ya Blue.

College football will always have better fans (and therfore more passion all around) than pro football b/c of free agency. History, tradition, a guys who still play for fun and honor.

At 24 August, 2007 15:54, Blogger AJF said...

I love football, but I'm down on the NFL.

Do they have to play on the Lord's Day?

At 25 August, 2007 14:38, Blogger Lance said...

I must agree with the college football junkies.

Lord willing, my next blog will sort of counter this one--being along the lines of, "What's Great about College Football" (including, believe it or not, my liking of the BCS system).

Sooner born and Sooner bred . . .
and when I die, I'll be Sooner dead.

At 28 August, 2007 09:48, Blogger brandon daugherty said...

it bothers me when teams take a timeout and then are able to advance the ball to midcourt to throw it in. what's with that? oops, wrong sport, but it still is wrong.

back to football, i would love to see a day when professional players are required to have a degree prior to playing professionally. maybe some of these problems would go away (or maybe they would just be shifted to the college level, i'm not sure). but to me it makes sense for all professional athletes. it'll never happen, but i wish it would.

At 13 September, 2007 18:17, Blogger smartallen said...

not all players went to collage (i.e. Micheal Lewis New orleans)

At 13 September, 2007 18:19, Blogger GUNNY said...


I did not know that. Did he go straight from high school to the NFL or sign as a free agent after arena football or something?

That's an interesting story.

At 13 September, 2007 18:54, Blogger smartallen said...

I forget the year but, when he tried out he was driving a Bud truck, so he got the nick name beerman. I'm not sure about what he did otside of highschool football.


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