Thursday, May 24, 2007

That's more than a dress; that's an Audrey Hepburn movie.

I hate to write about dress in such proximity to a post on modesty being more than just dress, but ...

I took my boy to the Rangers game yesterday afternoon and I found myself befuddled by the dress of many in attendance.

In all fairness, I must disclose my own peculiarities as we attended the game wearing Cardinals shirts and hats as the home team lost a close one to the Twinkies.

That being said, I found it interesting how many people were there whose attire gave no indication whatsoever that they were at a ball game.

For example, no blue for the home team or Rangers hat. I guess I'm used to Busch Stadium in St. Louis where everyone wears a Cardinals jersey or at least wears red, but everyone at least owns a Cardinals hat.

Folks were dressed in business casual or regular shorts & shirts combination, but with no baseball or sports identification whatsoever. What was also peculiar was the number of people who were overdressed, like more than a few ladies who were rather dolled up for an afternoon baseball game. There was one lady in particular wearing high heels and a slinky black cocktail dress. In fact, it was more than a dress. It was an Audrey Hepburn movie.

Yet, most distressing of all was a lady about 5 rows up, a thirty-something mother of at least 2. Now, I'm not all that concerned about what kind of underwear people choose. I don't care if my president wears boxers or briefs and I'm apathetic as to whether or not this mom wears a thong. But did I really need to see 3-4 inches of it riding up her back above the DMZ?

I'm not going to be sizist and say she shouldn't wear such, but modesty yearns for her to at least not wear a shirt 2 sizes too small. At least we weren't treated to a tattoo poking its way beyond the fabric.

In a game without much offense for the Rangers, there was plenty to take in visually at the game. At least I'm raising my boy right. He wore his baseball clothes (including t-ball glove) and made sure his shirt tail in the back covered his Lightning McQueen drawers.



At 25 May, 2007 07:55, Blogger Rev. said...

There is a reason those in the D/FW area don't gussy up like we Cards fans (yes, I wore my World Series Champs T-shirt to the Ballpark in Arlington a few weeks ago). It's because the Rangers managers (with the exception of Johnny Oates) have always said to the average Rangers' fan by this time of year, "You see this jacket I'm wearing, you like it? Because I don't really need it, because I'm cloaked in failure!"

At 25 May, 2007 17:10, Blogger GUNNY said...

Is it my imagination, but didn't we arrive in a limo?!

The Rangers ought to be ashamed of themselves, the way they've been shoplifting from the single mothers.

All they kept saying as I bought dollar dog after dollar dog was, "Show me the money!"

They better turn things around because they are in danger of becoming a cautionary tale.

A-Rod certainly was not our "Ambassador of Kwan."


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